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電腦版主機版 電腦版/主機版獨有內容:此的信息適用於電腦版主機版泰拉瑞亞
發佈日期 2016 年 12 月 6 日[1]
← 上一版本    下一版本 → 1.3.5
The patch notes listed below pertain to the 電腦版 Desktop version.
Added items are likely included in 主機版 主機版 as well. Bug fixes for Console can be found in Console history.

修正 Bug[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

  • Fixed certain crashes related to the game losing focus
  • Fixed death messages mentioning piggybanks and glowsticks
  • Fixed 外星霰彈槍 not detecting ammo
  • Fixed maps not loading properly when joining 多人模式
  • Fixed situations where 撒旦軍隊 enemies would spawn invisible in multiplayer if they were too far from you
  • Fixed several multiplayer client crashes
  • Fixed certain turret staves not showing use animation when used by other players
  • Fixed certain 炮塔s falling through platforms after spawning on them
  • Fixed Spider Queen not working with the max sentry system
  • Fixed Spider Queen and 寒霜九頭蛇 spazzing against Worm enemies
  • Fixed 學徒盔甲 sets reducing the angle Flameburst Towers can shoot instead of expanding it
  • Fixed 閃電光環 emitting sounds for enemies it cannot reach underneath it
  • Fixed framedrops related to 幽靈法杖 shots
  • Fixed framedrops related to 瑪瑙爆破槍 shots
  • Fixed item sounds playing slightly off center
  • Fixed 魔刺 and similar items making liquid ripples when they should not
  • Fixed some 染料 items rarity colors

參考[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]