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Use this to display an achievement. This template adds pages to Category:Achievement-related elements.


Auto mode[编辑源代码]

{{ achievement | name = achievement name }}

This requires this achievement name to exist in the achievement database.

{{achievement|name=Ooo! Shiny!}}


Achievement Ooo! Shiny!.png
哦!亮闪闪! • "用镐开采第一块矿石。"

Manual mode[编辑源代码]

{{ achievement | achievement name | t = alternate name | achievement description | achievement title text }}

  • Unnamed parameter 1 : Enter the achievement name. This must match the name as it appears in the achievement's image file name
  • Unnamed parameter 2 : The requirement(s) for earning the achievement.
  • Unnamed parameter 3 : The in-game achievement description (optional).
  • t=: Optional. Changes the displayed title on the achievement template, but not the image used.
  • nocat : An optional flag to disable categorizing the page in Category:Achievement-related elements. Add |nocat=yes only in documentation, discussion examples, etc.

{{achievement|Ooo! Shiny!|t=Ooo, Shiny!|Mine your first ore.|Mine your first nugget of ore with a pickaxe.}}