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Terraria Wiki:游戏资源文本对照表

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各成就的描述文字,来自于 Achievements 表。

  • Kill Doctor Bones.杀死骷髅博士。
  • Reach the 15th wave of a pumpkin moon, where evil lurks among the autumn harvest.到达南瓜月的第15波攻击,恶魔潜伏在金秋丰收之中。
  • Smash a demon or crimson altar with a powerful, holy hammer.用强大而神圣的锤子砸碎恶魔或猩红祭坛。
  • Slay the Insane Cultist, a mad magician with powerful spells.杀死疯狂信徒,一位拥有强大法术的疯狂魔法师。
  • Unlock one of the dungeon's large, mysterious chests with a special key.用一把特别的钥匙打开地牢中的其中一个神秘大宝箱。
  • Survive a blood moon, a nocturnal event where the rivers run red and monsters swarm aplenty.在血月之夜中活下来,在这一夜间事件中,河流被染红,怪物蜂拥而至。
  • Defeat Skeletron, the cursed guardian of the dungeon.打败骷髅王,地牢中被诅咒的守卫。
  • Defeat the three nocturnal mechanical menaces: the Twins, the Destroyer, and Skeletron Prime.打败三个夜间出没的危险机械怪物:双子魔眼、毁灭者和机械骷髅王。
  • Destroy a total of 10,000 tiles.共破坏10,000个图格。
  • Defeat the Moon Lord.打败月亮领主。
  • Obtain a minishark.获得一把迷你鲨。
  • Defeat the Flying Dutchman, the sails of the plunderin' skies.打败荷兰飞盗船,四处抢劫的船队。
  • Kill a nymph.杀死宁芙。
  • Triumph over the frost legion, a festive family of maniacal snowman mobsters.征服雪人军团,疯狂雪人暴徒的欢乐家族。
  • Craft a drax or pickaxe axe using hallowed bars, and the souls of the three mechanical bosses.用神圣锭和三个机械boss的灵魂制作斧钻或镐斧。
  • Steal a key from dungeon's undead denizens, and unlock one of their precious golden chests.从地牢的活尸处偷取钥匙,打开其中一个珍贵的金箱。
  • Equip a dye in every possible dye slot.尽可能在每个染料栏中装备一种染料。
  • Mine a powerful ore that has been newly blessed upon your world.开采你的世界新获赐的强大矿石。
  • Defeat the Eye of Cthulhu, an ocular menace who only appears at night.打败克苏鲁之眼,只在夜间出没的危险眼球怪。
  • Equip armor or vanity clothing in all three social slots.在所有三种社交栏中装备盔甲或浮华服饰。
  • Complete your 50th quest for the angler.完成第50个渔夫任务。
  • Defeat Duke Fishron, mutant terror of the sea.打败猪龙鱼公爵,大海中的变异怪兽。
  • Spend over 1 gold being treated by the nurse.花费1个以上的金币接受护士的治疗。
  • Build or encounter a glowing mushroom field above the surface.打造或发现地表上的发光蘑菇地。
  • Defeat every type of slime there is!打败每一种史莱姆!
  • Consume a life fruit, which grows in the thick of subterranean jungle grass.吃一个生命果,这种果子长在茂密的地下丛林草地中。
  • Obtain a golden fishing rod.获得一根金钓竿。
  • Triumph over a goblin invasion, a ragtag regiment of crude, barbaric, pointy-eared warriors and their shadowflame sorcerers.击败哥布林入侵,一群低贱、野蛮、粗暴的尖耳朵战士和暗影焰巫士。
  • Complete your 10th quest for the angler.完成第10个渔夫任务。
  • Equip a pair of wings.装备一对翅膀。
  • Discover and smash your first heart crystal underground.发现并粉碎第一颗地下水晶之心。
  • Obtain an anvil made from iron or lead.获得由铁或铅制成的砧子。
  • Defeat a Goblin Summoner, conjurers of the darkest flames.打败哥布林召唤师,掌控黑暗烈焰的巫师。
  • Equip your first grappling hook.装备第一个抓钩。
  • Reach the 15th wave of a frost moon, where the festive season quickly degrades into madness.到达霜月的第15波攻击,节日季将迅速沦为疯狂暴动。
  • Defeat a Mothership, overminds of the martian invaders.打败母舰,火星入侵者的宿主。
  • You can only go down from here!在这儿你只能往下走!
  • Spelunk deep enough to reach the molten underworld.深入洞穴探险,到达熔岩地狱。
  • Unleash the ancient spirits of light and darkness across your world, enabling much stronger foes and showering the world with dazzling treasures (and rainbows!).在你的世界里释放古老的光明与黑暗之魂,打败无比强大的敌人,利用耀眼夺目的宝藏(和彩虹!)净化世界。
  • Build a house in a mushroom biome and have Truffle move in.在蘑菇群落里建造一栋房屋并让松露人住进来。
  • Discover a golden chest underground and take a peek at its contents.发现一个地下金箱并偷看里面有什么。
  • Stumble into a spider cavern in the underground.摸索进入地下蜘蛛洞。
  • Survive a solar eclipse, a day darker than night filled with creatures of horror.活着度过比黑夜还黑的日食之日,到处都是可怕生物。
  • Defeat Golem, the stone-faced ritualistic idol of the lihzahrd tribe.打败石巨人,丛林蜥蜴部落的石脸祭祀神像。
  • Obtain a boss-summoning item.获得召唤boss的物品。
  • Survive a long fall with just a sliver of health remaining.活着从高处跌落并且只剩下一丁点生命值。
  • Travel a total of 26.2 miles on foot.总共步行26.2英里。
  • Defeat the Brain of Cthulhu, an enormous demon brain which haunts the creeping crimson.打败克苏鲁之脑,这个巨大的恶魔大脑常常出现在毛骨茸然的猩红之地。
  • Equip armor in all three armor slots: head, chest, and feet.在所有三个盔甲栏(头部、胸部和脚部)中装备盔甲。
  • Do battle against the Twins, the Destroyer, and Skeletron Prime simultaneously and emerge victorious.同时与双子魔眼、毁灭者和机械骷髅王战斗并获胜。
  • Craft a molten pickaxe using the hottest of materials.使用最热的材料制作熔岩镐。
  • Fire a Bee Gun while wearing a full set of Bee Armor.穿上一整套蜜蜂盔甲使用蜜蜂枪射击。
  • Build a house suitable enough for your first town NPC, such as the guide, to move into.建造一栋足够大的房屋,让第一个城镇的NPC(如向导)住进来。
  • Defeat the Ancient Cultist, fanatical leader of the dungeon coven.打败远古信徒,地牢女巫团的狂热首领。
  • Obtain your first hammer via crafting or otherwise.通过制作或其他方式获得第一把锤子。
  • Mine your first nugget of ore with a pickaxe.用镐开采第一块矿石。
  • Mine chlorophyte, an organic ore found deep among the thickest of flora.开采叶绿矿石,一种深藏在最稠密的植物中的有机矿石。
  • Kill pinky.杀死粉史莱姆。
  • Obtain a rainbow rod.获得一根彩虹魔杖。
  • Defeat the Pumpking, the spooky lord of hallow's eve.打败南瓜王,万圣节前夕的恐怖领主。
  • Fire a rainbow gun while riding on a unicorn.骑着独角兽使用彩虹枪射击。
  • Have all possible town NPCs living in your world.让所有可以的城镇NPC住在你的世界里。
  • Obtain a rare treasure from a difficult monster in the dungeon.从难对付的地牢怪兽那儿获得稀世珍宝。
  • The only way is up!唯一的出路是向上!
  • Complete your 1st quest for the angler.完成第1个渔夫任务。
  • Obtain the Terrarian.获得泰拉悠悠球。
  • Defeat every boss in Terraria.打败泰拉瑞亚中的每个boss。
  • Defeat King Slime, the lord of all things slimy.打败史莱姆王,所有黏滑生物的首领。
  • Using explosives or your trusty hammer, smash a Shadow Orb or Crimson Heart in the evil parts of your world.使用炸药或可靠锤子,在世界的邪恶地带中粉碎暗影珠或猩红之心。
  • Defeat the four celestial towers of the moon.打败月亮上的四个天塔。
  • Craft a mana crystal out of fallen stars, and consume it.使用坠落之星制作魔力水晶并使用它。
  • Survive the slime rain, where gelatinous organisms fall from the sky in droves.在史莱姆雨中活下来,在此期间胶状生物会成群结队地从天而降。
  • Defeat the Wall of Flesh, the master and core of the world who arises after a great, burning sacrifice.打败血肉墙,它是世界的主宰与核心,会在大型的燃烧献祭后出现。
  • Defeat the Queen Bee, the matriarch of the jungle hives.打败蜂王,统治丛林蜂巢的女王。
  • Complete a grand total of 200 quests for the angler.共完成200个渔夫任务。
  • Obtain a Terra Blade, forged from the finest blades of light and darkness.获得一把汲取了日月精华的锋刃锻造而成的泰拉刃。
  • Breach the impenetrable walls of the jungle temple.攻破丛林神庙坚不可摧的墙。
  • Kill Tim.杀死蒂姆。
  • Equip a mount.装备坐骑。
  • Defeat Plantera, the overgrown monstrosity of the jungle's depths.打败世纪之花,蔓生在丛林深处的畸形怪花。
  • Throw a yoyo.投掷悠悠球。
  • Kill the groom.杀死僵尸新郎。
  • Chop down your first tree.砍倒第一棵树。
  • Triumph over a martian invasion, when beings from out of this world come to scramble your brains and probe you in uncomfortable places.击败火星人入侵,不属于这个世界的外星人会让你乱了套,令你心神不宁。
  • Attain maximum health and mana possible without accessories or buffs.在没有配饰或增益的情况下获得最大生命值和魔力值。
  • Complete your 25th quest for the angler.完成第25个渔夫任务。
  • Defeat an enemy by running it over with a minecart.通过开矿车辗轧敌人来打败敌人。
  • Triumph over a pirate invasion, a group of pillagers from the sea out for your booty... and your life!击败海盗入侵,这群来自海上的劫匪不仅要抢你的战利品...还要你的命!
  • Become a victim to a nasty underground trap.掉进险恶的地下机关。
  • Discover a large bee's hive deep in the jungle.发现丛林深处的巨蜂蜂巢。
  • Defeat the Ice Queen, wicked witch of the coldest nights.打败冰雪女王,在最寒冷夜晚里出现的邪恶女巫。
  • Defeat the Eater of Worlds, a massive worm whom dwells in the corruption.打败世界吞噬怪,居住在腐化之地的巨虫。
  • Command nine summoned minions simultaneously.同时控制九个召唤仆从。
  • Survive your character's first full night.让你的角色安然度过第一晚。

Buff 描述[编辑源代码]

即 BuffDescription 表内容。

  • 20% chance to not consume ammo20%的几率不消耗弹药
  • 20% increased arrow damage and speed箭的伤害和速度各增加20%
  • A baby dinosaur is following you恐龙宝宝将跟着你
  • A baby Eater of Souls is following you噬魂怪宝宝将跟着你
  • A baby face monster is following you脸怪宝宝将跟着你
  • A baby grinch is following you格林奇宝宝将跟着你
  • It thinks you are its mother它认为你是它的妈妈
  • I think it wants your fish我想它想要你的鱼
  • Don't even ask...别问了...
  • The baby slime will fight for you史莱姆宝宝将为你而战
  • A baby snowman is following you雪人宝宝将跟着你
  • Isn't this just soooo cute?这简直太可爱了!
  • Your ballistas rapidly shoot in panic!你的弩车在惊慌之下快速射击!
  • Crash into anyone... and EVERYONE!撞向任何人...每个人!
  • Increased enemy spawn rate敌人生成速度提高
  • BzzzBzzBZZZZBzzz嗡嗡嗡嗡
  • Damage taken reduced by 15%所受伤害减少15%
  • Damage taken reduced by 30%所受伤害减少30%
  • Damage taken reduced by 45%所受伤害减少45%
  • Melee damage and speed increase by 10%近战伤害和速度各增加10%
  • Melee damage and speed increase by 20%近战伤害和速度各增加20%
  • Melee damage and speed increase by 30%近战伤害和速度各增加30%
  • Defense is lowered防御力降低
  • Increased max number of minions仆从数量上限提高
  • A black kitty is following you黑猫将跟着你
  • Light vision severely reduced光视能力严重下降
  • Cannot regenerate life无法再生生命
  • Bleeding Out血流不止
  • Defense is cut in half防御力减半
  • Increased placement speed and range放置速度和范围增加
  • You are craving carrots你渴望胡萝卜
  • Losing life and slowed movement正在损失生命值且移动已放缓
  • Reduced enemy aggression敌人攻击力降低
  • Life regen is slightly increased生命再生速度略有提高
  • Using the Rod of Discord will take life使用混沌传送杖将消耗生命值
  • Your movement speed has been reduced你的移动速度已降低
  • Magic powers are increased魔能增加
  • Will never threaten to stab you and, in fact, cannot speak永远不会威胁刺伤你,而且事实上也无法讲话
  • Movement is reversed移动方向逆转
  • Greater chance of fishing up a crate钓上宝匣的几率更大
  • A magical heart that provides light可提供照明的魔法心
  • Cannot use any items无法使用任何物品
  • Losing life正在损失生命值
  • A cursed sapling is following you诅咒树苗将跟着你
  • Just don't make it crawl.不要让它爬行。
  • You can see nearby hazards你可以看到附近的危险
  • Decreased light vision光视能力下降
  • Incenerated by solar raysIncenerated by solar rays
  • Movement is greatly slowed移动大大放缓
  • The Deadly Sphere will fight for you致命球将为你而战
  • Riding in a flying drill骑乘飞钻头
  • The power of nature protects you自然的力量保护你
  • The power of nature compells you自然的力量强迫你
  • You cannot move你无法移动
  • 10% reduced damage伤害减少10%
  • An eyeball spring is following you弹簧眼将跟着你
  • A fairy is following you仙灵将跟着你
  • Press UP or DOWN to control speed of descent按UP或DOWN来控制下降速度
  • Increased fishing level钓鱼水平提高
  • Move like normal in water在水中正常移动
  • It's either really hot or really cold. Either way it REALLY hurts要么特别热,要么特别冷。无论哪种方式都带来极大伤害
  • You can't move!你不能动!
  • Breathe water instead of air可在水中而非空气中呼吸
  • Press UP to reverse gravity按UP可逆转重力
  • Life regen is increased生命再生速度提高
  • Increased heart pickup range心拾取范围扩大
  • Life regeneration is increased生命再生速度提高
  • The hornet will fight for you黄蜂将为你而战
  • You have seen something nasty, there is no escape.你已经看到一些令人讨厌的东西,而且无路可逃。
  • Shows the location of enemies显示敌人位置
  • Damage taken is reduced by 25%所受伤害减少25%
  • Reduced defense防御力减少
  • The imp will fight for you小鬼将为你而战
  • Nearby enemies are ignited附近的敌人被点燃
  • Grants invisibility可隐身
  • Increase defense by 8防御力增加8点
  • Shoots crystal leaves at nearby enemies朝附近的敌人射出水晶叶
  • 20% increased max life最大生命值增加20%
  • You are in love!你已坠入爱河!
  • An enchanted lantern is lighting your way附魔灯笼将为你照亮前路
  • 20% increased magic damage魔法伤害增加20%
  • Increased mana regeneration魔力再生增加
  • Magic damage reduced by 魔法伤害减少
  • Can breathe and move easily underwater可在水下呼吸和轻松移动
  • Drop more money on death死亡时掉落更多钱
  • Riding in a minecart驾驶矿车
  • How do you defeat a mini Minotaur?你如何打败迷你牛头怪?
  • 25% increased mining speed挖矿速度增加25%
  • Increased damage and defense from the following:伤害和防御力因下列原因增加:
  • You are unable to absorb healing effects你无法吸收治疗效果
  • 15% increased damage伤害增加15%
  • 30% increased damage伤害增加30%
  • 45% increased damage伤害增加45%
  • Increased life regeneration生命再生速度提高
  • Increased night vision夜视力提升
  • You have lost the power of creation!你已失去创造能力!
  • Immune to lava对熔岩免疫
  • You can't see!你看不到!
  • Movement is significantly reduced移动速度显著降低
  • Taking more damage from being on fire因着火受到更多伤害
  • Slowly losing life缓慢损失生命值
  • 25% of damage taken will be redirected to another player所受伤害的25%将被重新定向到其他玩家
  • Movement speed is increased移动速度提高
  • 500% increased damage for next melee strike下次近战暴击伤害增加500%
  • Decreased monster spawn rate怪物生成速度降低
  • I think it wants your carrot我想它想要你的胡萝卜
  • A hoardagron is following youHoardagron将跟着你
  • A propeller gato is following you飞翔Gato将跟着你
  • A flickerwick is following you闪烁灯芯将跟着你
  • Chillin' like a reptilian像爬行动物一样冷漠
  • Polly want's the cracker波利想要饼干
  • A little sapling is following you小树苗将跟着你
  • A spider is following you蜘蛛将跟着你
  • Happy turtle time!欢乐乌龟时光!
  • Now you see me....你现在看到我了....
  • The pirate will fight for you海盗将为你而战
  • Cannot consume anymore healing items不能再消耗治疗物品
  • A puppy is following you小狗将跟着你
  • The pygmies will fight for you矮人将为你而战
  • Increased damage, Decreased life regen, Causes status effects伤害增加,生命再生速度降低,对状态造成影响
  • 10% increased critical chance暴击率增加10%
  • Life regeneration is greatly increased生命再生速度大幅提高
  • The ravens will attack your enemies乌鸦将攻击你的敌人
  • Provides life regeneration提供生命再生
  • Riding the red nosed reindeer骑乘红鼻子驯鹿
  • Pew Pew劈劈啪啪
  • You will dodge the next attack你将躲避下一次攻击
  • A magical orb that provides light可提供照明的魔法球
  • The sharknado will fight for you鲨鱼旋风将为你而战
  • Melee weapons have armor penetration近战武器具有盔甲穿透力
  • Emitting light发光
  • Cannot use items that require mana无法使用需要魔力的物品
  • You are slimy and sticky你粘糊糊的
  • Movement speed is reduced移动速度降低
  • Damage taken reduced by 30%, repel enemies when taking damage所受伤害减少30%,受伤时驱除敌人
  • You can see what's biting your hook你能看到是什么在咬你的鱼钩
  • Shows the location of treasure and ore显示宝藏和矿石的位置
  • The spider will fight for you蜘蛛将为你而战
  • A squashling is following you南瓜娃娃将跟着你
  • The stardust dragon will protect you星尘之龙将保护你
  • The stardust guardian will protect you星尘守卫将保护你
  • The stardust cell will fight for you星尘细胞将为你而战
  • being eaten by cellsbeing eaten by cells
  • You smell terrible你的味道真难闻
  • You are completely petrified!你已完全石化!
  • Movement speed increased and monster spawns reduced移动速度提高,怪物生成减少
  • A suspicious looking eye that provides light可提供照明的可疑眼球
  • 25% increased movement speed移动速度提高25%
  • You are being sucked into the mouth你被吸入嘴中
  • Attackers also take damage攻击者也会受伤
  • A friendly spirit is following you友好幽魂将跟着你
  • Increased melee abilities, lowered defense近战能力提高,防御力降低
  • Increased knockback击退力提高
  • Slow if by land, zoom if by sea陆地上速度缓慢,海上则可急速疾行
  • The twins will fight for you双子魔眼将为你而战
  • The UFO will fight for youUFO将为你而战
  • It's a good thing you had a MAC你拥有MAC真是太好了
  • Charge ahead... fabulously!向前冲...太棒了!
  • Gravity around you is distorted你周围的重力是扭曲的
  • Reduced damage from cold sources冷系伤害减少
  • Increased monster spawn rate怪物生成速度提高
  • Press DOWN to enter water按DOWN进入水中
  • Physical abilities are decreased物理能力下降
  • Melee attacks cause confetti to appear近战攻击会喷撒彩纸
  • Melee attacks inflict enemies with cursed flames近战攻击会对敌人施放诅咒焰
  • Melee attacks set enemies on fire近战攻击会点燃敌人
  • Melee attacks make enemies drop more gold近战攻击会使敌人掉落更多金子
  • Melee attacks decrease enemies defense近战攻击会降低敌人防御力
  • Melee attacks confuse enemies近战攻击会迷惑敌人
  • Melee attacks poison enemies近战攻击会使敌人中毒
  • Melee attacks inflict venom on your targets近战攻击会对你的目标施放毒液
  • You are stuck你被卡住了
  • Minor improvements to all stats所有属性小幅提升
  • Minor improvements to all stats and increased life regeneration所有属性小幅提升,生命再生速度提高
  • Physical abilities are increased物理能力提高
  • You are dripping water你在滴水
  • The wind moves you around!风带着你四处移动!
  • A wisp is following you妖灵将跟着你
  • Your armor is lowered!你的盔甲降级了!
  • Your attacks are weaker!你的攻击变弱了!
  • 10% increased damage伤害增加10%
  • It likes swimming around you它喜欢在你周围游泳


即 ArmorSetBonus 表内容。各盔甲套装的奖励说明文本。

  • 19% reduced mana usage魔力消耗减少19%
  • 18% increased melee and movement speed近战和移动速度各提高18%
  • 25% chance to not consume ammo25%的几率不消耗弹药
  • Increases your max number of sentries
    Flameburst field of view and range are dramatically increased
  • Increases your max number of sentries
    Greatly enhances Flameburst effectiveness
  • Increases minion damage by 10%仆从伤害增加10%
  • Beetles increase your melee damage and speed甲虫增加你的近战伤害和速度
  • Beetles protect you from damage甲虫保护你不受伤害
  • 20% chance to not consume ammo20%的几率不消耗弹药
  • Summons a powerful leaf crystal to shoot at nearby enemies召唤强大的水晶叶瓣来射击附近的敌人
  • 14% reduced mana usage魔力消耗减少14%
  • 15% increased melee speed近战速度提高15%
  • Greatly increased life regen大大提高生命再生速度
  • Double tap {0} to call an ancient storm to the cursor location双击{0}可将远古风暴召唤到光标位置
  • 50% chance to not consume thrown item50%的几率不消耗投掷类物品
  • Melee and ranged attacks cause frostburn近战及远程攻击会造成冻伤
  • 20% reduced mana usage魔力消耗减少20%
  • 19% increased melee and movement speed近战和移动速度各提高19%
  • Increases your max number of sentries
    Explosive Traps recharge faster and oil enemies
    Set oiled enemies on fire for extra damage
  • Increases your max number of sentries
    Greatly enhances Explosive Traps effectiveness
  • 16% reduced mana usage魔力消耗减少16%
  • Increases maximum mana by 60最大魔力值增加60
  • 2 defense2点防御力
  • 3 defense3点防御力
  • Space Gun costs 0 mana太空枪不消耗魔力
  • 30% increased mining speed挖矿速度增加30%
  • 17% extra melee damage17%额外近战伤害
  • Increases your max number of sentries
    Lightning Aura can now crit and strikes faster
  • Increases your max number of sentries
    Greatly enhances Lightning Aura effectiveness
  • 17% reduced mana usage魔力消耗减少17%
  • 5% increased melee critical strike chance近战暴击率增加5%
  • Hurting enemies has a chance to spawn buff boosters,
    pick boosters up to get stacking buffs
  • 33% chance to not consume thrown item33%的几率不消耗投掷类物品
  • Flower petals will fall on your target for extra damage花瓣将落到目标身上以造成额外伤害
  • Greatly increases life regeneration after striking an enemy攻击敌人后大大提高生命再生速度
  • 4 defense4点防御力
  • 10% increased damage伤害增加10%
  • 15% increased movement speed移动速度提高15%
  • Not moving puts you in stealth,
    increasing ranged ability and reducing chance for enemies to target you
  • Solar shields generate over time protecting you,
    consume the shield power to dash, damaging enemies
  • Magic damage done will hurt extra nearby enemies所造成的魔法伤害还能伤及附近的敌人
  • Magic damage done to enemies heals the player with lowest health对敌人造成的魔法伤害将使玩家获得最低生命值
  • Increases minion damage by 12%仆从伤害增加12%
  • Increases minion damage by 25%仆从伤害增加25%
  • Increases your max number of sentries
    Ballista pierces more targets and panics when you take damage
  • Increases your max number of sentries
    Greatly enhances Ballista effectiveness
  • Double tap {0} to direct your guardian to a location双击{0}可将你的守卫引领到某位置
  • Increases your max number of minions提高仆从数量上限
  • Become immune after striking an enemy攻击敌人后进入免疫状态
  • Attackers also take full damage攻击者也会承受全部伤害
  • Double tap {0} to toggle stealth,
    increasing ranged ability and reducing chance for enemies to target you but slowing movement speed
  • 10% increased magic critical strike chance魔法暴击率增加10%
  • 1 defense1点防御力


即 LegacyMenu 表内容。游戏菜单中的相关文本。

  • Start a new instance of Terraria to join!启动泰拉瑞亚新副本来加入!
  • Running on port 运行于端口
  • Load Backup加载备份
  • Background On背景开
  • Background Off背景关
  • Select language选择语言
  • Language语言
  • Yes
  • No
  • Toggle Map Style 切换地图类型
  • Toggle Fullscreen 切换全屏
  • Zoom In 放大
  • Zoom Out 缩小
  • No backup found找不到备份
  • Decrease Transparency 减少透明度
  • Increase Transparency 增加透明度
  • Map Enabled地图已启用
  • Map Disabled地图已禁用
  • General常规
  • Map Controls地图控件
  • Multicore Lighting:多核照明:
  • Off
  • Close Menu关闭菜单
  • Ambient:环境:
  • Single Player单人模式
  • Smart Cursor 智能光标
  • Smart Cursor Mode: Toggle智能光标模式:切换
  • Smart Cursor Mode: Hold智能光标模式:长按
  • Event Progress Bar事件进度条
  • Off
  • Timed定时
  • On
  • Style类型
  • Placement Preview On放置预览开
  • Placement Preview Off放置预览关
  • Multiplayer多人模式
  • Mount 坐骑
  • Achievements成就
  • Blood and Gore On溅血效果开
  • Blood and Gore Off溅血效果关
  • Apply应用
  • Server Settings服务器设置
  • Steam Multiplayer: DisabledSteam多人模式:已禁用
  • Steam Multiplayer: EnabledSteam多人模式:已启用
  • Allowed Users: Invite Only允许用户:仅限邀请
  • Allowed Users: Friends允许用户:好友
  • Settings设置
  • Friends Can Invite: Off好友可邀请:关
  • Friends Can Invite: On好友可邀请:开
  • Allow Friends Of Friends: Off允许好友添加好友:关
  • Allow Friends Of Friends: On允许好友添加好友:开
  • Start开始
  • Join via Steam通过Steam加入
  • Join via IP通过IP加入
  • Invite Friends邀请好友
  • Up向上
  • Down向下
  • Exit退出
  • Left向左
  • Right向右
  • Jump
  • Throw投掷
  • Inventory物品栏
  • Grapple抓钩
  • Quick Mana快速魔力
  • Quick Buff快速增益
  • Quick Mount快速坐骑
  • Quick Heal快速治疗
  • Create Character创建角色
  • Auto Select自动选择
  • Smart Cursor智能光标
  • Use Item使用物品
  • Interact交互
  • Gameplay Controls游戏玩法控件
  • Map Controls地图控件
  • Hotbar Controls快捷键控件
  • Gamepad Settings手柄设置
  • Zoom In放大
  • Zoom Out缩小
  • Delete删除
  • Increase Transparency增加透明度
  • Decrease Transparency减少透明度
  • Toggle Map Style切换地图类型
  • Toggle Full Map切换完整地图
  • Cycle Left向左循环
  • Cycle Right向右循环
  • Hotbar #1快捷键#1
  • Hotbar #2快捷键#2
  • Hotbar #3快捷键#3
  • Hotbar #4快捷键#4
  • Hair头发
  • Hotbar #5快捷键#5
  • Hotbar #6快捷键#6
  • Hotbar #7快捷键#7
  • Hotbar #8快捷键#8
  • Hotbar #9快捷键#9
  • Hotbar #10快捷键#10
  • Quick Mark #1二维码识别器#1
  • Quick Mark #2二维码识别器#2
  • Quick Mark #3二维码识别器#3
  • Quick Mark #4二维码识别器#4
  • Eyes眼睛
  • Radial Hotbar圆形热键栏
  • Cursor Snap Up光标捕捉向上
  • Cursor Snap Right光标捕捉向右
  • Cursor Snap Down光标捕捉向下
  • Cursor Snap Left光标捕捉向左
  • <Unbound><未绑定>
  • DPad Cursor Snap方向键光标捕捉
  • DPad Hotbar方向键快捷键
  • Gamepad Advanced Settings手柄高级设置
  • Triggers Deadzone触发器盲区
  • Disconnect断开连接
  • Skin皮肤
  • Sliders Deadzone滑块盲区
  • Left Thumbstick Deadzone X左摇杆盲区X
  • Left Thumbstick Deadzone Y左摇杆盲区Y
  • Right Thumbstick Deadzone X右摇杆盲区X
  • Right Thumbstick Deadzone Y右摇杆盲区Y
  • Invert Left Thumbstick Horizontally水平翻转左摇杆
  • Invert Left Thumbstick Vertically垂直翻转左摇杆
  • Invert Right Thumbstick Horizontally水平翻转右摇杆
  • Invert Right Thumbstick Vertical垂直反转右控制棒
  • Utilize使用
  • Clothes衣服
  • Interface界面
  • Passwords: Visible密码:可见
  • Passwords: Hidden密码:隐藏
  • Smart Cursor Priority: Pickaxe -> Axe智能光标优先级:镐 -> 斧
  • Smart Cursor Priority: Axe -> Pickaxe智能光标优先级:斧 -> 镐
  • Smart Block Placement: To Cursor智能放置块:到光标
  • Smart Block Placement: Filling智能放置块:填充
  • Border Color边框颜色
  • Cursor光标
  • Controls控件
  • Male
  • Activate Set Bonuses: Up激活套装奖励:向上
  • Activate Set Bonuses: Down激活套装奖励:向下
  • Keybindings快捷键绑定
  • Left Shift Quick Trash: Enabled左Shift快速丢弃:已启用
  • Left Shift Quick Trash: Disabled左Shift快速丢弃:已禁用
  • Quick Wall Replace: Disabled快速换墙:已禁用
  • Quick Wall Replace: Enabled快速换墙:已启用
  • Hotbar Scroll Time To Radial: On快捷键径向滚动时间:开
  • Hotbar Scroll Time To Radial: Off快捷键径向滚动时间:关
  • Tile Grid On图格网格开
  • Female
  • Tile Grid Off图格网格关
  • Lock On锁定
  • Lock On Priority: Focus Target锁定优先级:焦点目标
  • Lock On Priority: Target Closest锁定优先级:最近的目标
  • Lock On Priority: Clearest Line锁定优先级:最清楚的线
  • abc \/ ABC \/ !@#abc \/ ABC \/ !@#
  • Backspace退格键
  • Submit提交
  • Space太空
  • <-<-
  • Hardcore硬核
  • ->->
  • Gamepad Instructions Off手柄说明关
  • Gamepad Instructions On手柄说明开
  • Menu Controls菜单控件
  • Radial Quickbar圆形快捷栏
  • Borderless Window: Enabled无边框窗口:已启用
  • Borderless Window: Disabled无边框窗口:已禁用
  • Frame Skip Off跳帧关
  • Frame Skip On跳帧开
  • Frame Skip Subtle跳帧隐蔽
  • Mediumcore中核
  • Miner's Wobble: Enabled采矿晃动效果:已启用
  • Miner's Wobble: Disabled采矿晃动效果:已禁用
  • Interface Movement Delay界面移动延迟
  • Softcore软核
  • Random随机
  • Create创建
  • Hardcore characters die for good硬核角色死后无法复活
  • Server Requires Password:服务器需要密码:
  • Mediumcore characters drop items on death中核角色死后掉落物品
  • Softcore characters drop money on death软核角色死后掉落钱币
  • Select difficulty选择难度
  • Shirt上衣
  • Undershirt内衣
  • Pants裤装
  • Shoes鞋子
  • Hair头发
  • Hair Color头发颜色
  • Eye Color眼睛颜色
  • Accept接受
  • Skin Color皮肤颜色
  • Shirt Color上衣颜色
  • Undershirt Color内衣颜色
  • Pants Color裤装颜色
  • Shoe Color鞋子颜色
  • Enter Character Name:输入角色姓名:
  • Delete删除
  • Create World创建世界
  • Enter World Name:输入世界名称:
  • Go Windowed转到窗口模式
  • Back返回
  • Go Fullscreen转到全屏
  • Resolution分辨率
  • Parallax视差
  • Frame Skip Off跳帧关
  • Frame Skip On跳帧开
  • Lighting: Color照明:颜色
  • Lighting: White照明:白
  • Lighting: Retro照明:复古
  • Lighting: Trippy照明:迷幻
  • Quality: Auto质量:自动
  • Cancel取消
  • Quality: High质量:高
  • Quality: Medium质量:中
  • Quality: Low质量:低
  • Video视频
  • Cursor Color光标颜色
  • Volume音量
  • Controls控件
  • Autosave On自动保存开
  • Autosave Off自动保存关
  • Autopause On自动暂停开
  • Enter Server Password:输入服务器密码:
  • Autopause Off自动暂停关
  • Pickup Text On拾取提示开
  • Pickup Text Off拾取提示关
  • Fullscreen Resolution全屏分辨率
  • Up 向上
  • Down 向下
  • Left 向左
  • Right 向右
  • Jump
  • Throw 投掷
  • Starting server...正在启动服务器...
  • Inventory 物品栏
  • Quick Heal 快速治疗
  • Quick Mana 快速魔力
  • Quick Buff 快速增益
  • Grapple 抓钩
  • Auto Select 自动选择
  • Reset to Default重置为默认
  • Join加入
  • Host & Play开服并开始游戏
  • Enter Server IP Address:输入服务器IP地址:
  • Load failed!加载失败!
  • Enter Server Port:输入服务器端口:
  • Choose world size:选择世界大小:
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Red:红:
  • Green:绿:
  • Blue:蓝:
  • Sound:音效:
  • Music:音乐:


即 GameTitle 表内容。其中文字会随机出现在游戏窗口的标题栏的。

  • Terraria: Dig Peon, Dig!泰拉瑞亚:劳工挖啊挖!
  • Terraria: Epic Dirt泰拉瑞亚:神土
  • Terraria: Digger T' Blocks泰拉瑞亚:挖土之王
  • Terraria: There is No Cow Layer泰拉瑞亚:没有奶牛层
  • Terraria: Suspicous Looking Eyeballs泰拉瑞亚:可疑魔眼
  • Terraria: Purple Grass!泰拉瑞亚:紫草地!
  • Terraria: No one Dug Behind!泰拉瑞亚:没有人在后面挖!
  • Terraria: The Water Fall Of Content!泰拉瑞亚:物竞天择!
  • Terraria: Earthbound泰拉瑞亚:地球冒险
  • Terraria: Dig Dug Ain't Got Nuthin on Me泰拉瑞亚:挖挖总有收获
  • Terraria: Ore's Well That Ends Well泰拉瑞亚:有矿自有天相
  • Terraria: Judgement Clay泰拉瑞亚:天罚粘土
  • Terraria: Adaman-TIGHT!泰拉瑞亚:绝世精金!
  • Terraria: Terrestrial Trouble泰拉瑞亚:陆地生物的麻烦
  • Terraria: Obsessive-Compulsive Discovery Simulator泰拉瑞亚:强迫症现象模仿者
  • Terraria: Red Dev Redemption泰拉瑞亚:红色开发救赎
  • Terraria: Rise of the Slimes泰拉瑞亚:史莱姆的崛起
  • Terraria: Now with more things to kill you!泰拉瑞亚:现在有更多东西想杀你!
  • Terraria: Rumors of the Guides' death were greatly exaggerated泰拉瑞亚:向导死亡的谣言被严重夸大了
  • Terraria: I Pity the Tools...泰拉瑞亚:我同情这些工具...
  • Terraria: A spelunker says 'What'?泰拉瑞亚:洞穴探险者惊道“那是什么”?
  • Terraria: So then I said 'Something about a PC update....'泰拉瑞亚:我回答“一些关于PC版更新的东西...”
  • Terraria: May the blocks be with you泰拉瑞亚:愿块块与你同在
  • Terraria: Sand is Overpowered泰拉瑞亚:沙子被制服了
  • Terraria: Better than life泰拉瑞亚:远超生命
  • Terraria: Terraria: Terraria:泰拉瑞亚:泰拉瑞亚:泰拉瑞亚:
  • Terraria: Now in 1D泰拉瑞亚:现推出1D
  • Terraria: Coming soon to a computer near you泰拉瑞亚:邻机即将拥有
  • Terraria: Dividing by zero泰拉瑞亚:除数为零
  • Terraria: Now with SOUND泰拉瑞亚:现已加入音效
  • Terraria: Press alt-f4泰拉瑞亚:按alt-f4
  • Terraria: I Pity the Tools泰拉瑞亚:我同情这些工具
  • Terraria: You sand bro?泰拉瑞亚:兄弟你疯了吧?
  • Terraria: A good day to dig hard泰拉瑞亚:挖矿吉日
  • Terraria Part 3: The Return of the Guide泰拉瑞亚第3部分:向导归来
  • Terraria: Can You Re-Dig-It?泰拉瑞亚:重挖好吗?
  • Terraria: I don't know that-- aaaaa!泰拉瑞亚:我不知道--啊啊啊!
  • Terraria: What's that purple spiked thing?泰拉瑞亚:那紫色的尖玩艺儿是什么?
  • Terraria: I wanna be the guide泰拉瑞亚:我想成为向导
  • Terraria: Cthulhu is mad... and is missing an eye!泰拉瑞亚:克苏鲁疯了...还弄丢了眼睛!
  • Terraria: NOT THE BEES!!!泰拉瑞亚:伪蜜蜂!!!
  • Terraria: Legend of Maxx泰拉瑞亚:麦克斯传奇
  • Terraria: Cult of Cenx泰拉瑞亚:Cenx邪教
  • Terraria 2: Electric Boogaloo泰拉瑞亚2:电布加洛舞
  • Terraria: Also try Minecraft!泰拉瑞亚:试试《我的世界》!
  • Terraria: A Bunnies Tale泰拉瑞亚:兔兔的传说
  • Terraria: Also try Edge of Space!泰拉瑞亚:试试《太空边缘》!
  • Terraria: I just wanna know where the gold at?泰拉瑞亚:我只想知道金子在哪?
  • Terraria: Now with more ducks!泰拉瑞亚:现在有更多鸭子!
  • Terraria: 9 + 1 = 11泰拉瑞亚:9 + 1 = 11
  • Terraria: Infinite Plantera泰拉瑞亚:无限世纪之花
  • Terraria: Shut Up and Dig Gaiden!泰拉瑞亚:少说多挖之外传!
  • Terraria: Dr. Bones and The Temple of Blood Moon泰拉瑞亚:骷髅博士和血月神庙
  • Terraria: Slimeassic Park泰拉瑞亚:史莱姆侏罗纪公园
  • Terraria: The Grass is Greener on This Side泰拉瑞亚:这边的草地更绿
  • Terraria: Small Blocks, Not for Children Under the Age of 5泰拉瑞亚:5岁以下的儿童不宜使用小块块


即 LegacyWorldGen 表内容。其中文字在建立新世界时的初始生成过程中出现于屏幕上,或在世界状态改变时(通常为特定事件发生或结束)作为状态讯息出现。

  • Generating world terrain正在生成世界版图
  • Adding sand正在添加沙子
  • Generating surface caves正在生成地表洞穴
  • Generating jungle正在生成丛林
  • Generating floating islands正在生成漂浮岛
  • Adding mushroom patches正在添加蘑菇地块
  • Placing mud in the dirt正在将泥置于土中
  • Adding silt正在添加泥沙
  • Adding shinies正在添加发光物品
  • Adding webs正在添加蛛丝
  • Creating underworld正在创建地狱
  • Adding water bodies正在添加水体
  • Generating hills正在生成小山
  • Making the world evil正在使世界变得邪恶
  • Generating mountain caves正在生成山洞
  • Creating beaches正在创建沙滩
  • Adding gems正在添加宝石
  • Gravitating sand沙子正在沉淀
  • Cleaning up dirt backgrounds正在清理土背景
  • Placing altars正在放置祭坛
  • Settling liquids正在安置液体
  • Placing life crystals正在放置生命水晶
  • Placing statues正在放置雕像
  • Puttin dirt behind dirt正在将土置于土后
  • Hiding treasure正在隐藏宝藏
  • Hiding more treasure正在隐藏更多宝藏
  • Hiding jungle treasure正在隐藏丛林宝藏
  • Hiding water treasure正在隐藏水下宝藏
  • Placing traps正在放置机关
  • Placing breakables正在放置易碎物品
  • Placing hellforges正在放置地狱熔炉
  • Spreading grass正在扩大草地
  • Growing cacti正在种仙人掌
  • Planting sunflowers正在种向日葵
  • Placing rocks in the dirt正在将岩石置于土中
  • Planting trees正在种树
  • Planting herbs正在种草药
  • Planting weeds正在种草
  • Growing vines正在种藤蔓
  • Planting flowers正在种花
  • Planting mushrooms正在种蘑菇
  • Freeing unused resources正在释放未用资源
  • Resetting game objects正在重置游戏物品
  • Setting hard mode正在设置困难模式
  • Saving world data:正在保存世界数据:
  • Placing dirt in the rocks正在将土放入岩石间
  • Backing up world file正在备份世界文件
  • Loading world data:正在加载世界数据:
  • Checking tile alignment:正在检查图格对齐:
  • Load failed!加载失败!
  • No backup found.找不到备份。
  • Finding tile frames:正在寻找图格框架:
  • Adding snow正在添加雪
  • World世界
  • Creating dungeon正在创建地牢
  • A meteorite has landed!陨石已落地!
  • Adding clay正在添加粘土
  • Smoothing the world正在令世界平坦
  • Mossification青苔化
  • Gemification宝石化
  • Making cave walls正在建造洞壁
  • Growing spider caves正在扩大蜘蛛洞
  • Clearing map data:正在清除地图数据:
  • Saving map data:正在保存地图数据:
  • Loading map data:正在加载地图数据:
  • Drawing map:正在绘制地图:
  • Creating waterfalls正在创建瀑布
  • Making random holes正在随机挖洞
  • Creating jungle ruins正在创建丛林废墟
  • Creating hornet nests正在创建黄蜂巢
  • Making the world bloody正在使世界变得血腥
  • Validating world save:正在验证世界保存数据:
  • Slime is falling from the sky!史莱姆从天而降!
  • Slime has stopped falling from the sky.史莱姆已停止从天而降。
  • Generating Structures.正在生成建筑物。
  • Adding more grass正在添加更多草地
  • Desertification沙漠化
  • Spicing up walls正在将墙切片
  • Generating small caves正在生成小洞穴
  • Chiseling marble正在凿刻大理石
  • Growing granite正在生长花岗岩
  • Generating large caves正在生成大洞穴


包括 DeathText 和 DeathTextGeneric 两个表的内容,玩家人物死亡时显示的死因文本。

  • {0} couldn't put the fire out.{0}无法把火扑灭。
  • {0}.{0}。
  • {0} forgot to breathe.{0}忘了呼吸。
  • {0} is sleeping with the fish.{0}与鱼同眠。
  • {0} drowned.{0}溺死了。
  • {0} is shark food.{0}成了鲨鱼的食物。
  • {0} couldn't contain the watts.{0}无法控制瓦数。
  • {0} fell to their death.{0}摔死了。
  • {0} didn't bounce.{0}没有反弹。
  • {0} got melted.{0}被熔化了。
  • {0} was incinerated.{0}被烧成了灰。
  • {0} tried to swim in lava.{0}试图在熔岩中游泳。
  • {0} likes to play in magma.{0}喜欢在岩浆中玩耍。
  • {0} shattered into pieces.{0}碎成渣了。
  • {0} cant be put back together again.{0}再也不能复原了。
  • {0} needs to be swept up.{0}需要被清走了。
  • {0} just became another dirt pile.{0}变成了另一个土堆。
  • {0} couldn't find the antidote.{0}无法找到解药。
  • {0} was slain...{0}被杀死了...
  • {0} was stabbed.{0}被刺伤了。
  • {0} couldn't breathe.{0}无法呼吸。
  • {0} didn't materialize{0}未能成形
  • {0}'s legs appeared where her head should be.{0}的腿长到她的脑袋那儿了。
  • {0}'s legs appeared where his head should be.{0}的腿长到他的脑袋那儿了。
  • {0} tried to escape.{0}试图逃跑。
  • {0} was licked.{0}被舔了。
  • {0} let their arms get torn off{0}的胳膊断了
  • {0} was chopped up{0}被千刀万剐了
  • {0} was cut down the middle{0}的腰被斩断了
  • {0} was decapitated{0}被斩首了
  • {0} was destroyed{0}被毁了
  • {0} was brutally dissected{0}被野蛮地解剖了
  • {0}'s entrails were ripped out{0}的内脏被扯掉了
  • {0} was eviscerated{0}被取出内脏
  • {0}'s extremities were detached{0}被截肢了
  • {0}'s face was torn off{0}的脸被撕烂了
  • {0}'s flailing about was finally stopped{0}的鞭刑终于停止了
  • {0} had their head removed{0}的脑袋搬家了
  • {0} got impaled{0}被刺穿了
  • {0} watched their innards become outards{0}看着自己的内脏变成了“外脏”
  • {0}'s body was mangled{0}的身体血肉模糊了
  • {0} got massacred{0}被屠杀了
  • {0} was murdered{0}被谋杀了
  • {0} was turned into a pile of flesh{0}变成了一滩肉
  • {0}'s plead for death was answered{0}求死的愿望实现了
  • {0} was removed from {1}{0}被踢出了{1}
  • {0}'s meat was ripped off the bone{0}被削肉去骨了
  • {0}'s vital organs were ruptured{0}的重要器官毁了
  • {0}'s skull was crushed{0}的头骨被压碎了
  • {0} was slain{0}被杀死了
  • {0} got snapped in half{0}被折成两半了
  • {0} was torn in half{0}被撕成两半了



  • The world is in balance.世界处于平衡状态。
  • You are so close!你就要成功了!
  • We are living in a fairy tale.我们生活在童话之中。
  • Things are grim indeed...情况确实严峻...
  • You have a lot of work to do.你有许多工作要做。
  • {0} is {1}% hallow, {2}% corrupt, and {3}% crimson.{0}中{1}%为神圣之地,{2}%为腐化之地,{3}%为猩红之地。
  • {0} is {1}% corrupt.{0}中{1}%为腐化之地。
  • {0} is {1}% corrupt and {2}% crimson.{0}中{1}%为腐化之地,{2}%为猩红之地。
  • {0} is {1}% crimson.{0}中{1}%为猩红之地。
  • {0} is {1}% hallow.{0}中{1}%为神圣之地。
  • {0} is {1}% hallow and {2}% corrupt.{0}中{1}%为神圣之地,{2}%为腐化之地。
  • {0} is {1}% hallow and {2}% crimson.{0}中{1}%为神圣之地,{2}%为猩红之地。
  • {0} is completely pure. You have done an amazing job!{0}已完全变得纯净。干得漂亮!



  • Brilliant, my dear! You have brought me an exquisite sample of the world's beautiful colors and aroma. In exchange, you may take this special bottle of dye.太棒了,亲爱的!你给我带来了全世界最缤纷、最芬香的精致样本。作为交换,你可以拿走这瓶特别的染料。
  • You bring me a beautiful, rare flower... yes, yes? Take this bottle of special dye for your troubles, friend!你给我带来了稀有的美丽花朵...是吧,是吧?这瓶特别的染料你就拿去吧,朋友!
  • Fantabulous, wonderful friend! With this delicate specimen, I may mix the most amazing dyes {WorldName} has ever seen! You may take this one right away!棒极了,我的好朋友!有了这精致的样本,我就能混合出从未在{WorldName}见过的极品染料!这瓶染料你现在就可以带走!
  • Oh no no, this will not do. For these money is no good, you must return to me with a rare specimen of a plant!噢,不行,不行,这样是不行的。有钱也没用,你必须拿一种稀有的植物样本来和我交换!
  • You think you can pull a fast one on {DyeTrader}, I don't think so! I only take the rarest of flowers for these special bottles!你以为可以骗过{DyeTrader},我可不这么想!我只接受用最稀有的花来交换这些特别的瓶子!
  • These dye bottles? Sorry dear friend, these don't take coin. I only take the most precious and rare of flora in exchange for one of this!这些染料瓶?抱歉,亲爱的朋友,这些是非卖品。我只接受用最珍稀的植物来交换染料!


即 AnglerQuestText 表内容,渔夫的任务相关对话文本。

  • I don't have anything for you to do right now.现在没有任务要分配给你。
  • You have entertained me enough for today, go.你今天已经让我够开心了,可以走了。
  • You are done, the grand {Angler} dismisses you!你完蛋了,伟大的 {Angler} 会解雇你!
  • Only one fish a day, please go away!一天就一条鱼,请离开!
  • I haven't even used the last fish you gave me. I don't need another.你上次给我的鱼还没用呢。我不需要了。
  • I found this spectacular place draped in giant glowing mushrooms! Everything was blue! I was picking some of the mushrooms I found next to a glistening blue lake, when one of the mushrooms snapped at me and swam away! I want to give it a taste of its own medicine, and give it a good chompin'! What I mean is, you gotta get it for me!
    (Caught in Glowing Mushroom Fields)
  • Did you know there's magical islands that float up high in the sky? Bet you didn't! They say angels live in the sky, and I believe those angels have fins and gills and swim around! I believe you must catch one for me!
    (Caught in Sky Lakes)
  • Na na na na na na na Bat-FISH! That means go digging underground, fetch it, and bring it to me!
    (Caught in Underground & Caverns)
    呐呐呐呐呐呐呐,蝙蝠鱼! 意思是去地下深挖,抓住它,再带来给我!
  • Ow! Don't get near me! I got stung by a Bloody Man-O-War! In case you're not smart enough to know what that is, it's the most menacing jellyfish in all of {WorldName}! Go to that rotten crimson and catch it if you dare!
    (Caught in Crimson)
    噢!别靠近我!我被一条血水母蜇了!怕你不聪明,不知道血水母是什么,所以我告诉你,它是整个 {WorldName} 中最凶险的水母!如果你敢,接近这个恶臭的猩红之地,把它抓来!
  • Normally I could care less if I see fishbones floating in the water underground, but this one was swimming! What, you thought that only human skeletons still flailed about in {WorldName}? Get it for me so I can stick it in someone's bed!
    (Caught in Underground & Caverns)
    如果看到地下水中漂浮着鱼骨,我通常不怎么好奇,但是这只鱼骨竟然在游泳!什么,你以为在 {WorldName} 中只有人骷髅吗?去抓一只给我,这样我可以把它粘在别人的床上!
  • The subterranean jungles of {WorldName} have the weirdest things! Like, there's this fish I saw that looked just like a giant bumblebee! I'm allergic to bees, so you have to catch it for me! I bet it'd taste like a tuna and honey sandwich!
    (Caught in Honey)
    在 {WorldName} 的地下丛林中有许多光怪陆离的生物! 比如说,我看见过这种鱼,像一只超级大黄蜂! 我对蜜蜂过敏,所以你必须去把它给我抓来!它的味道肯定像金枪鱼和蜂蜜三明治!
  • Out in the forest, I was fishing right? Well guess what! A bunny hopped up to me! Then another one hopped up, and another... suddenly I'm surrounded by bunnies! One even swam up to me from the water, but it had no legs! I fell outta my chair in surprise and all the bunnies scurried off! I want that bunny fish as a pet, so you better catch it for me! Pronto!
    (Caught in Surface)
  • Yarr matey! Shiver me timbers! Avast, scallywags! There's a pirate captain who once had a pet fish named Cap'n Tunabeard, but during a big storm the fishbowl fell overboard! It has a hook for a tail, and an eyepatch and everything! You need to fetch me that fish, so I can be as cool as a pirate! Obviously it's out in the ocean somewhere! Duh!
    (Caught in Ocean)
  • I finally found a jungle cat that likes water! I think it's because it's also part fish. I don't know why this happened, and I don't want to know. I just want it in my hands, and make it snappy!
    (Caught in Jungle Surface)
    我终于找到一只喜欢水的丛林猫!我想这是因为它还有鱼的天性。 我不知道为什么会这样,我也不想知道。 我只是希望它能到我手里,你得快点!
  • There's a rumor going around that there are islands that float high up in the sky, and that they have amazing treasure! Who cares about that though, what's even cooler is that sometimes lakes form in the clouds, and in those lakes are fish made out of clouds! I wanna know what it tastes like, so you better go catch it for me!
    (Caught in Sky Lakes)
    有谣言说天上漂浮着许多岛屿,岛上有许多宝藏! 但是谁会在意呢,更有意思的是,云彩中有时会形成湖泊,湖泊中游荡着云朵做成的鱼! 我想尝尝它的味道,所以你最好去把它抓来给我!
  • I saw this bright orange and colorful fish by the ocean, and it was looking around frantically as though it was seeking a lost family member! Go catch it for me, so that another one will show up looking frantically for him instead!
    (Caught in Ocean)
  • There's a cursed fish swimming in the waters of the deepest corruption! It was forged of the cursed flames that spread from the fallen horrors that lurk down there. They say not even water can put out this fire, and that it can burn forever. I can think of some awesome things I can do with a fish like that! You gonna go get it for me, or are you too chicken!?
    (Caught in Corruption)
    有条受诅咒的鱼在腐化之地最深处的水中游来游去! 它由诅咒焰化成,诅咒焰在潜藏的恐惧中蔓延。 他们说,诅咒焰连水都无法扑灭,可以永远燃烧。 有一条这样的鱼,我就可以做许多好玩的事!你去抓给我!还是你太胆小!?
  • I hear in the underworld, that the King of all demons is actually a fish! Just imagine the absolute power I would have if you caught it for me!
    (Caught in Caverns)
  • Those Derplings in the jungle are the most scary creatures I've ever seen! Good thing is, sometimes they don't have legs! These ones live in the water and are a lot less scary! Catch me one now so I can see what they taste like without being scared half to death!
    (Caught in Jungle Surface)
  • I was reeling in the big one when this funny talking zombie burst out of the forest lake and started rambling on about this 'ferocious' species of fish made out of dirt! He says it could suffocate ten blokes his size, or something like that... I want it! NOW!
    (Caught in Surface, Underground, & Caverns)
    正当我在收线钓起一条大鱼时,这个僵尸从森林湖中蹦出来,不仅很搞笑还会说话,然后开始大说特说这只“凶残”的泥鱼! 他说,这鱼能闷死10个像他这个块头的小伙子...我要得到它!马上!
  • The demolitionist was raising cane about losing a stick of dynamite in the lake out in the forest. He has like, so many, so why does one matter? Apparently, because it grew fins and started swimming away! I don't know where he gets his materials to make those things, but that one is clearly possessed! Reel it in and bring it to me, I always wanted a suicide bombing fish! Don't ask why...
    (Caught in Surface)
    爆破专家在森林里的湖中弄丢了一捆雷管,一直很着急。他有那么多炸药,丢的那捆炸药有这么重要吗? 显然,因为这捆炸药长出了鳍,开始游走了!我不知道他做炸药的材料是哪儿弄的,但那一捆肯定已经走火入魔了! 钓回来给我,我一直想要一条自杀式炸弹鱼!不要问为什么...
  • I bet you're not brave enough to find the Eater of Plankton. A corrupt fish that was mutated from a severed piece of the Eater of Worlds itself! Capture it and bring it to me, and prove to me you're not a wuss!
    (Caught in Corruption)
    你肯定不敢去找浮游噬鱼。 它是由世界吞噬怪的残块变异而来的腐化鱼! 把它抓来给我,证明你不是胆小鬼!
  • I love collecting those bright yellow stars that fall from the sky! I love it even more when they land on someone's head. But.. but.. nothing beats a star that falls in a foresty lake and turns into a fish! That's just totally rad, and you're just rad enough to get it for me!
    (Caught in Sky Lakes)
    我喜欢收集天上落下来的亮黄色星星!如果落在某个人的脑袋上,我会更喜欢。 但是..但是..我最喜欢的还是星星落在森林湖中变成鱼! 那条鱼简直酷毙了,而你又这么牛,快去抓来给我!
  • I don't know what's worse, a bone fish or a bone fish with HANDS. This Fish-o-Tron deep in the caverns really freaks me out! I think it's possessed by the same evil spirits that possessed that old man by the dungeon! I double duck dare you to go catch it!
    (Caught in Caverns)
    我不知道哪种情况更惨:骷髅鱼还是长手的骷髅鱼。这条深藏在洞穴中的德隆鱼真把我吓了一跳! 我认为在通过地牢抓住那个老男人的幽魂手中! 我给你两个胆,你去把它抓来给我!
  • There's a legend of a mighty being known as the Fishron! It's part pig, part dragon, and part FISH! I hear it hangs around in the frozen subterranean lakes of the coldest part of the world! I'm not going there, so YOU go catch it and makes sure it lands in my hands! I'm so excited!
    (Caught in Underground Tundra)
  • Those demons in the underworld really like voodoo dolls, but I think there's a doll out there who was blasted with way too much magic! It turned into a fish and it does stuff on its own. I dare you to go down and get me one! I'd watch out for the boiling lava, because it burns you to death and that won't get me my fish!
    (Caught in Caverns)
    地狱的恶魔真的很喜欢巫毒娃娃,但我觉得有一个娃娃身藏着特别多的魔法! 它变成了一条鱼,还可以对自己施法。我命令你去地狱,给我带一个来! 如果是我的话,我会小心沸腾的熔岩,因为它会把你烧死,这样我就得不到鱼了!
  • I was trying to sleep by the hill lakeside when this fish swooped down at me. It was flying! It also had the face of a lady and had feathers! I think I screamed louder than she did! Hey you, go make her pay for scaring me like that!
    (Caught in Sky Lakes & Surface)
    我正要在山上的湖畔睡觉时,这条鱼向我俯冲下来。它在飞! 它长着一张女人的脸,还有羽毛!我想我叫得比她还大声! 嘿,你去,她把我吓成那样,总得付出代价!
  • There's a piece of the Hunger that morphed from the Wall of Flesh into a small fish-like thing that swims around aimlessly in the underworld and it's gross and it's yucky and I want it now!
    (Caught in Caverns)
  • Did you know deep in the crimson, some of those creatures make this gross yellow stuff? I overheard a crazy story about a pool of it having melted together into a shape of a fish and it swims around and everything! Fetch it for me, so I can stick it in someone's toilet!
    (Caught in Crimson)
    你知道吗?在猩红之地的深处,一些生物在制作这种恶心的黄东西。 我听说一池黄东西融合成鱼形,然后开始游来游去,太离奇了! 去抓一条给我,我可把它塞在别人的马桶里!
  • A really long fish that looks like a sword's sheath swims in the murky waters of the corruption! It looks a lot like ebonstone, so don't let it fool you! That's right, you. You're catching it, not me!
    (Caught in Corruption)
  • Oooooohhh, I'm going to be SO rich! Deep in the caverns, there is a fish made out of gemstones! Don't ask me how, I don't know, all I know is that this fish is totally awesome and you're going to catch it for me!
    (Caught in Underground & Caverns)
    哦哦,我马上就要发大财啦!在洞穴的深处,有一种宝石做的鱼! 别问我怎么做,我不知道,我知道的是,这种鱼非常美丽,你去把它抓来给我!
  • There's some interesting critters to be found in the deeper Hallows, I tell you! They glow this crazy purple color and it messes with my eyes! It's totally wild, so I want you to catch a fish like that for me!
    (Caught in Underground Hallow)
    我告诉你,在神圣之地的更深处可以找到一些有趣的小动物! 他们闪耀着疯狂的紫色,让我的眼睛眼花缭乱! 这鱼是绝对野生的,因此我希望你能抓一条给我!
  • Watch your step when wading through jungle waters! Why? No, not because I care about you being eaten by piranhas. I care because you'll step on one of my favorite kinds of fish, the Mud Fish! I also care a lot that you're going to grab me one as a pet!
    (Caught in Jungle)
  • What's white and tan and fluffy and lives in a frozen underground lake? A mutant flinxfin! I wasn't telling a joke, you know, there really is a mutated variety of Flinx that is more adapted to an aquatic lifestyle! I want it to adapt to my fishbowl, so make sure that happens!
    (Caught in Underground Tundra)
    棕白色的,毛茸茸的,住在冰冻地下湖中,是什么鱼?突变弗林鱼! 我没有开玩笑,确实有一种更适应水生生活的突变弗林鱼! 我希望它能够适应我的鱼缸,一定要抓一条!
  • It's a whale! It's a dolphin! No, it's a penguin fish! Oh, and look, it's you! You get to bring me one! You do know they only like cold water, right?
    (Caught in Tundra)
    这是鲸鱼!这是海豚!不,这是企鹅鱼!哦,瞧瞧,该你出马了! 你去给我抓一条!你知道他们只喜欢冷水吧?
  • There's a really really rare type of pixie that's born with so many wings that it can't actually fly! It swims with the fishes in the lakes surrounded by that blue colored grass. My fish tank needs a lamp, so I want you to catch me that pixie!
    (Caught in Hallow)
    有一种十分十分罕见的妖精,长了太多翅膀,所以完全飞不起来! 在蓝草湖中与鱼儿一起游来游去。 我的鱼缸需要一盏灯,所以我想让你把那个妖精抓来给我!
  • In the forest, the slimes are kinda gross. Slimefish are even more so! I don't want to swim with slimes, so yoink one out of the water for me!
    (Caught Anywhere)
  • I saw a fish that had eight legs! Nope! Not happening! You're fishing it for me, so it's not alive when I hold it! That's the last time I go fishing so deep in the cavern!
    (Caught in Underground & Caverns)
    我看到一条八条腿的鱼!不!不可能! 你为我钓它,这样到我手里的时候就是死的了! 这是我最后一次去这么深的洞穴钓鱼!
  • Apparently, Demon Eyes can sometimes be amphibious. They don't fly, they swim! I want to see the look on someone's face when they find it in their bathtub! They hang around the same areas. That means you reel one in for me!
    (Caught in Sky Lakes & Surface)
    显然,恶魔眼有时能在水里和陆地上生存。他们不会飞,但会游泳! 我想知道有人在浴缸中发现一条时会有怎样的表情! 他们总是在相同的地方晃悠。所以,你要钓一条给我!
  • Piranhas and sharks are ugly! Soooo ugly! Did you know there's a fish that looks very pretty and still can eat your face off? I would pay 2 platinum to see that happen, by the way... To the point, though, you catchy for me. Just make sure I have it before you lose your face!
    (Caught Jungle Surface)
  • You ever wonder why the lakes on the surface of the snowy areas of {WorldName} never ice over? I don't. The fish, however, do! A fish made out of ice would make a great offering to the mighty and amazing {Angler}! Go, my loyal subject, and bring me this Tundra Trout with haste!
    (Caught in Surface Tundra)
  • Unicorns and rainbows are absolutely great! They're everywhere, even in the water. No, really, I actually saw a unicorn fish in the Hallowed lake! Your job is to reel it up and let me have it as a pet!
    (Caught in Hallow)
    独角兽和彩虹都是好东西!它们无处不在,甚至在水中。 真的,我居然在圣湖中看到一条独角兽鱼! 你的任务就是把它钓起来,我会拿它当宠物!
  • I know something youuuuu don't! Fine, I'll tell you, there's a terrifying creature that flies among the stars! I'm not making this up! It's called a Wyvern! But, but, you knew that already, right? Well what you don't know is that they are born and raised as tadpoles! So, they're actually like.. well, a frog! Hop to it and get me one!
    (Caught in Sky Lakes)
    我知道一些你...你不知道的事!好吧,我告诉你,有一只可怕的怪物在星空中飞来飞去!这不是我自己编出来的! 它叫飞龙!可是,可是,你已经知道了,是不是?你不知道的是,他们的出生和成长历程和蝌蚪一样! 所以,他们实际上像...像青蛙!开始行动,给我抓一只!
  • You won't believe it! I caught a fish in the forest at night that was already dead! Then it tried to eat me! I threw it away and ran! Now I want to stick it in someone's dresser to see what happens, so go fish it back up for me will ya?!
    (Caught in Surface)
    你相信吗?!我晚上在森林里抓到一条已经死了的鱼!然后,它想吃我!我把它扔掉,然后扭头就跑! 现在,我要把它粘在别人的梳妆台上,看看会发生什么,所以你去把那条鱼给我抓回来,好吗?!
  • Oh! Thanks for the fish I asked for, now scram!哦!谢谢你抓来我要的鱼,可以滚了!
  • Awesome catch! It's all going according to plan! He he he!抓到啦!一切都是按计划进行的!哈哈哈!
  • You make a great errand monkey! Now go away!你这跑腿的活干得挺不错嘛!现在走开!
  • Muahahahahaha! You did it! You're still in one piece though, how boring!哈哈哈哈!你做到了!你竟然毫发无伤,真没劲!
  • Woah!? You actually did what I asked, and survived! Nice, hand it over and beat it!哇!?你竟然完成了任务,还活了下来!不错,把它交上来,再滚远点!



  • The first thing you need to know about are the special defensive artifacts I've got for sale, but only if you've got some Defender Medals!你首先需要了解的是我准备出售的特殊防御道具,但前提是你拥有些护卫奖章!
  • If you successfully repel the invasion, you'll be awarded with more Defender Medals, which you can bring to me to purchase more artifacts and some other special rewards!如果你成功击退入侵,你将获得更多护卫奖章,把护卫奖章拿给我,你就可以购买更多道具和一些其他的特殊奖励!
  • I've also heard rumors that the power of the artifacts themselves may be further unlocked if you defeat the Old One's Army. Perhaps you could even use them any time you wish!我还听到传言,如果你击败撒旦军队,这些道具本身的能量可能会进一步解锁。或许你甚至可以随时使用它们!
  • You can use these artifacts to create traps and defensive towers. Doing so consumes Etherian mana, a special energy dropped only by members of the Old One's Army!你可以使用这些道具制造机关和防御塔楼。这样做会消耗天国魔力,也就是只有撒旦军队成员才会掉落的特殊能量!
  • Challenging the Old One's Army is rather simple. They are attracted to the power of the Eternia Crystals, and that can be used to bait them out.挑战撒旦军队相当简单。埃特尼亚水晶的能量会将他们吸引到附近,因而可以用于将他们引诱出来。
  • To place an Eternia Crystal, you must obtain an Eternia Crystal and a stand to put it in. It just so happens, you can buy em from me!要放置埃特尼亚水晶,你必须获得埃特尼亚水晶和其放置支座。凑巧了,你可以从我这里购买它们!
  • You'll want to place your Eternia Crystal stand in a pretty open, flat area. Lots of walls and stuff might make it pretty difficult to protect!你会希望将埃特尼亚水晶座放置在相当开阔平坦的区域。众多墙壁和物品可能会使其难以保护!
  • Once your stand is set up, just interact with it while holding an Eternia Crystal, and prepare for a fight!安好支座后,你只需拿着埃特尼亚水晶与支座互动,并准备战斗!
  • Of course, you can't let the Old One's Army destroy the Eternia Crystal! This will have catastrophic consequences for my home world of Etheria!当然,你不能让撒旦军队摧毁埃特尼亚水晶!这将为我的家园—埃特尼亚世界带来灾难性的后果!
  • You can place defenses at the cost of 10 Etherian mana. Once placed, the Eternia Crystal will release some of this mana. Otherwise, you will need to defeat enemies to get more.你可以花费10点天国魔力设置防御工事。设置完毕后,埃特尼亚水晶将释放其中一些天国魔力。否则,您将需要打败敌人才能获得更多天国魔力。
  • With the help of the defenses, you will have to repel several waves of invaders who are attempting to destroy both you and the Eternia Crystal!你必须借助这些防御工事,击退几波企图摧毁你和埃特尼亚水晶的入侵者!
  • Great job on fighting off the Old One's Army! But I'm sure we haven't seen the last of them, they didn't put up much of a fight this time.你在击退撒旦军队时做得很棒!但我敢肯定他们还会再来,他们这次并未奋勇作战。
  • The Army of the Old One's keeps getting stronger, yet you keep pushing them back! But something tells me they aren't quite finished with us yet.撒旦军队变得越来越强,但你始终能将他们击退!但我感觉他们不会轻易罢手。
  • You really kept the full force of the Old One's Army at bay? Maybe you should visit Etheria some time.你真的让撒旦军队的全部力量陷入绝境了吗?或许你应该找个时间去埃特尼亚看看。
  • We should really do something about the Old One's Army. Ask me about the Eternia Crystal if you want to learn more.我们真的应该给撒旦军队一点颜色看看。如想了解有关埃特尼亚水晶的更多信息,你可以问我。
  • For starters, take a few of these Defender Medals, on the house! I've got some special defenses you can purchase, but only with Defender Medals!新手可以在房屋上获得几个护卫奖章!你可以向我购买一些特殊防御道具,但你只能用护卫奖章来买!
  • Huh? How did I get here? The last thing I remember was a portal opening up in front of me...嗯?我怎么到这里了?我记得的最后一件事是有个传送门在我面前打开...
  • I don't see why we can't just blow up those portals.我不明白为什么我们不能干脆炸掉这些传送门。
  • When I was in Etheria, I felt so disconnected from {WorldName}. Its good to be back.身处埃特尼亚时,我感觉与{WorldName}断了联系。能回来真是太好了。
  • The Corruption tried to take me over when I went to Etheria, but instead, I used its power against the Old One's Army!腐化之地曾经企图在我前往埃特尼亚时掌控我,但我反而利用它的力量来对抗撒旦军队!
  • Have you seen an ogre yet? I want to ride on the back of one!你见过食人魔吗?我想骑在一个食人魔的背上!
  • I sense a kindred spirit in the Etherian Dark Mages. A pity they are our enemies, I would have liked to learn from them.我感觉与天国黑暗魔法师志趣相投。可惜他们是我们的敌人,我本来希望向他们学习来着。
  • You know, I think I've seen a portal like that before, but it was gold.你知道吗,我想我以前看过一个像这样的传送门,但它是黄金的。



  • What, you think I like parties because I am a kid? Well, you're right, so get to partying!什么?你说我喜欢派对是因为我是个小孩?好吧,你说对了,那就开始派对吧!
  • Parties are great for getting people to come out of their shell, just like with bullets.派对是让人们抛开束缚的好方法,就像子弹一样。
  • I really need some birthday text, Yorai!我真的需要一些生日祝福,尤莱!
  • Mama always said you've got to put the past behind you before you can party on.妈妈常说你得把往事抛诸脑后,这样才能玩得开心。
  • This party is going to be nuts, maybe even bolts!这个派对要变成螺母了,甚至可能会变成螺栓!
  • I thought I would throw a party to celebrate our victories in the past and those yet to come.我想我要为了我们过去取得的胜利办一个庆功派对,未来的胜利也一起吧。
  • You might want to be careful today. Us dwarves tend to have pretty explosive parties.今天你可得小心点。我们矮人族喜欢开火爆的派对。
  • I truly love parties, so many beautiful colors and happy people.我真心喜欢派对,到处都是五彩缤纷,还有快乐的人们。
  • Never been to a party before? You might want to check around with the others. People sometimes bring out special party favors.从没参加过派对?你可能要看看其他人。人们有时会带来特别的派对礼品哦。
  • After all that cake, you might have to call me White Beard for a while.吃完这块蛋糕后,你可能就得暂时叫我白胡子了。
  • No, I will not tell you how many candles are on my cake.不,我才不会告诉你我的蛋糕上有几根蜡烛。
  • I tried having a paintball fight, but everyone wanted food and decorations instead.我试过举办一次彩弹大战,但是每个人反而更想要食物和装饰品。
  • Do you think anyone would mind if I wired a cake with bulbs instead of candles?你觉得会有人介意我把蛋糕上的蜡烛换成灯泡吗?
  • You know what would be the best way to party? Buying things for others, specifically from me.你知道参加派对的最佳方式吗?给别人买点礼物,特别是从我这儿买。
  • Hmm? Nothing special today... just kidding! It's party time, and then it's after party time!嗯?今天没什么特别的…逗你玩呢!现在是派对时间!接下来就是派对后时间!
  • At last, my time has come!终于,我的机会来了!
  • Come now, you didn't think I only celebrated on Christmas did you?说吧,你认为我不只是在圣诞节庆祝,对吧?
  • Everyone said they like stacked cakes, so I installed smokestacks in mine.所有人都说他们喜欢吃多层蛋糕,所以我在我的蛋糕上安了烟囱。
  • I may have gotten my hair done up just for today, but honestly, I just want to pop balloons with my scissors.我今天特地剪了新发型,但是老实说,我现在只想用我的剪刀戳破这些气球。
  • Many say that parties give you the richest of memories. So buy something and make this memory rich!很多人说派对会给你丰富多彩的记忆。所以买点东西让记忆更加丰富多彩吧!
  • I would have invited everyone to party in my home, but there's not mushroom.我本来想邀请所有人去我家开派对,但是没有蘑菇了。
  • Clearly I throw the most magical of parties.显然,我办了最神奇的派对。
  • I wanted to see how your kind celebrate, I am not disappointed.我想看看你们是怎么庆祝的,我没失望。
  • Goblin parties are a lot like humans. They both have games like \"Pin the Blame on the Human\" er... I don't play that game at my parties.哥布林的派对和人类的差不多。都有像“把责任推给人类”的游戏,呃...我从不在我的派对上玩这种游戏。


  • How come {Bartender} won't sell me any ale? I want to try some! What a grouch!{Bartender}为什么一点麦芽酒都不卖给我?我想尝一尝!真是个满腹牢骚的人!
  • I've got the cure for what ails ya! Get it? Ale? No?我有办法治愈你的伤痛了!明白吗?麦芽酒?不是吗?
  • Do you think {Steampunker} has an extra of that gun? I know a witch that may want one.你认为{Steampunker}有额外的枪吗?我知道有个女巫可能想要一把。
  • No wonder {Demolitionist} has so many accidents. You can't imagine how much ale he buys from me.难怪{Demolitionist}出了那么多的意外。你简直无法想象他从我这里买了多少麦芽酒。
  • Normally, I'm not much of a fan of Goblins, but {GoblinTinkerer} seems to be an alright sort.通常情况下,我算不上哥布林的粉丝,但{GoblinTinkerer}似乎还不赖。
  • {?Day}Anyone see where the Dryad went?{?Day}有人看见树妖去哪儿了吗?
  • {?!Day}Really quiet out there. A little too quiet...{?!Day}那里真的很安静。有点太过安静了...
  • {?!Day}Check in with me, and do your job.{?!Day}在我这里签到,然后就去干你的活儿。
  • {?BloodMoon}You know, where I'm from, a Blood Moon is actually just an excuse to get some fresh air.{?BloodMoon}你知道我从哪里来,血月其实不过是我想要散散心的一个借口。
  • {?MoonLordDefeated}Moon Lord, don't you mean Abyss Lord?{?MoonLordDefeated}月亮领主,你指的难道不是深渊领主吗?
  • {?HardMode}I know a Lavamancer that would really like that hellstone down in the underworld.{?HardMode}我知道一个熔岩术士,他肯定会非常喜欢地狱中的狱石。
  • {?Homeless}Know any good places to set up shop? Would love to open up a bar here.{?Homeless}知道有什么好地方可以设立商店吗?很想在这里开一家酒吧。
  • They say you're strong, well, I know strong. Let's see if you measure up.他们说你很强壮,我可知道什么是真正的强壮。让我们来看看你是否名副其实。
  • Back where I'm from, we only serve Root Beer...在我的家乡,我们只供应根汁饮料...
  • This is a big upgrade from wiping that table all day.这可比成天擦桌子强多了。
  • Life's a challenge when you're just naturally better than everyone else.如果你天生就比其他人都优秀,那么生命就成为了一项挑战。
  • What am I doing here...我在这是要干嘛啊...
  • A lot of tenacity and a little bit of luck can go a long way...始终坚韧不屈,再加上一点点运气,就可以走得很远...
  • Have you seen any Meburs around here?你在这附近见过任何Mebur吗?
  • {Dryad} seems nice. I should bring her back with me.{Dryad}似乎很不错。我应该带她回来。
  • {Bartender} said I reminded him of a certain \"EV2\". Perhaps I should meet her.{Bartender}说我让他想起某个“EV2”。或许我应该见见她。
  • {Bartender} offered me a Root Beer, I told him to give it to me in a square cup.{Bartender}给了我一杯根汁饮料,我告诉他将饮料倒在方形的杯子里拿给我。
  • I keep asking for wine, but all {Bartender} gives me are mugs of ale.我一直要求喝葡萄酒,但所有{Bartender}给我拿的都是用马克杯装的麦芽酒。
  • About time we gotta barkeep around here! Me rum was almost gone!差不多是时候让酒吧老板过来一趟了!我的朗姆酒都快喝没了!
  • You know, these Etherian Goblins are nothing like my people. Really rowdy bunch. Not that my people are much better...要知道,这些天国哥布林与我的人完全不同。真是一伙粗暴之徒。这并不是说我的人要优秀很多...


即 LegacyDialog 表内容,除掉各种特定类别对话后剩下来的那些 NPC 对话文本。

  • I hope a scrawny kid like you isn't all that is standing between us and Cthulhu's Eye.我希望在我们和克苏鲁之眼的对抗中,不只有你这么个瘦弱的孩子保护我们。
  • Check out my dirt blocks; they are extra dirty.看看我的土块;脏死了。
  • Why purify the world when you can just blow it up?如果这个世界可以炸得一干二净,何须再净化它?
  • If you throw this one in the bathtub and close all the windows, it'll clear your sinuses and pop your ears!如果你把这个扔到浴缸后关上所有的窗户,你的鼻子和耳朵就都通了!
  • Wanna play Fuse Chicken?想玩爆炸试胆吗?
  • Hey, could you sign this Griefing Waiver?喂,你能签了这份不恶意捣乱的承诺书吗?
  • NO SMOKING IN HERE!!此处禁止吸烟!!
  • Explosives are da' bomb these days. Buy some now!炸药如今十分火爆。马上买一些!
  • It's a good day to die!今天是个找死的好日子!
  • I wonder what happens if I... (BOOM!)... Oh, sorry, did you need that leg?如果我...会发生什么...(砰!)...哦,对不起,你还要那条腿吗?
  • Dynamite, my own special cure-all for what ails ya.雷管,这是我特别为你准备的灵丹妙药,包治百病。
  • Check out my goods; they have explosive prices!看看我的商品;都是惊爆价!
  • Boy, that sun is hot! I do have some perfectly ventilated armor.老兄,这太阳真晒啊!我确实拥有一款很通风的盔甲。
  • I keep having vague memories of tying up a woman and throwing her in a dungeon.我依稀记得把一个女人捆了起来,然后扔到了地牢里。
  • ... we have a problem! Its a blood moon out there!...我们遇到麻烦了!那有个血月!
  • T'were I younger, I would ask {Nurse} out. I used to be quite the lady killer.如果我更年轻点,我一定会约{Nurse}出来。我以前可迷倒了许多女人。
  • That Red Hat of yours looks familiar...你的小红帽看上去很熟悉...
  • Thanks again for freeing me from my curse. Felt like something jumped up and bit me.再次感谢你帮我解了诅咒。感觉像是什么东西跳起来咬了我一口。
  • Mama always said I would make a great tailor.妈妈总是说我会成为一位伟大的裁缝。
  • Life's like a box of clothes; you never know what you are gonna wear!生活就像一箱衣服;你永远也不知道自己要穿什么!
  • Of course embroidery is hard! If it wasn't hard, no one would do it! That's what makes it great.刺绣当然难了!如果不难,就没人绣了!所以刺绣是件难能可贵的事。
  • I know everything they is to know about the clothierin' business.他们想了解服装行业,而我无所不知。
  • Being cursed was lonely, so I once made a friend out of leather. I named him Wilson.遭到诅咒时很孤独,于是我用皮革制作了一个朋友。我叫他威尔森。
  • The sun is high, but my prices are not.太阳很高,但我的价格可不高。
  • Thank you for freeing me, human. I was tied up and left here by the other goblins. You could say that we didn't get along very well.谢谢你解救我,人类。其他哥布林把我捆了起来,然后扔在这里。可以说,我们关系不太好。
  • I can't believe they tied me up and left me here just for pointing out that they weren't going east!我说他们走的方向不是东边,我们就把我捆起来扔在这里了!
  • Now that I'm an outcast, can I throw away the spiked balls? My pockets hurt.我无家可归了,那我能扔掉这些尖刺球吗?我的口袋扎得疼。
  • Looking for a gadgets expert? I'm your goblin!想找一个工具大师?我是你要找的人!
  • Thanks for your help. Now, I have to finish pacing around aimlessly here. I'm sure we'll meet again.谢谢你的帮助。现在,我不想再这些无缘无故地走来走去了。我相信我们会再见面的。
  • I thought you'd be taller.你没我想象中的那么高。
  • Hey...what's {Mechanic} up to? Have you...have you talked to her, by chance?嗨...{Mechanic}在做什么?你有没有...你有没有和她谈过?
  • Hey, does your hat need a motor? I think I have a motor that would fit exactly in that hat.嗨,需要为你那顶帽子配个马达吗?我想我有一个马达和那顶帽子很配。
  • Yo, I heard you like rockets and running boots, so I put some rockets in your running boots.唷,我听说你喜欢火箭和跑鞋,所以我在你的跑鞋上加了一些火箭。
  • Silence is golden. Duct tape is silver.沉默是金。导管胶布是银。
  • Oh, great. I can hear {Mechanic} and {Nurse} arguing from here.哦,太好了。我在这儿就能听到{Mechanic}和{Nurse}的争吵声。
  • YES, gold is stronger than iron. What are they teaching these humans nowadays?是的,黄金比铁坚硬。如今的人类都在学些什么知识?
  • You know, that mining helmet-flipper combination was a much better idea on paper.你知道吧,理论上,潜水帽和脚蹼应该配套使用。
  • Goblins are surprisingly easy to anger. In fact, they could start a war over cloth!哥布林太容易生气了。事实上,他们能为了一些破布发动战争!
  • To be honest, most goblins aren't exactly rocket scientists. Well, some are.老实说,大部分哥布林都不是真正的火箭科学家。而有一些是。
  • Do you know why we all carry around these spiked balls? Because I don't.你知不知道为什么大家到哪儿都带着这些尖刺球?因为我不知道。
  • I just finished my newest creation! This version doesn't explode violently if you breathe on it too hard.我刚刚完成了最新的作品!如果你用力对着它吸气,这个新作品也不会猛烈爆炸。
  • Goblin thieves aren't very good at their job. They can't even steal from an unlocked chest!哥布林盗贼不太擅长偷东西。没上锁的箱子都不会偷!
  • Thanks for saving me, friend! This bondage was starting to chafe.谢谢你救了我,朋友!这个奴仆开始生气了。
  • Ohh, my hero!哦,我的英雄!
  • Oh, how heroic! Thank you for saving me, young lady!哦,多么英勇!谢谢你救了我,年轻的女士!
  • Have you seen Chith...Shith.. Chat... The big eye?你有没有看到克斯...克史...克赛...那个大眼睛?
  • Oh, how heroic! Thank you for saving me, young man!哦,多么英勇!谢谢你救了我,年轻人!
  • Now that we know each other, I can move in with you, right?现在我们已经认识了,我可以搬给你那里去了吧?
  • Well, hi there, {Guide}! What can I do for you today?你好,{Guide}!今天有什么可以为你效劳?
  • Well, hi there, {Demolitionist}! What can I do for you today?你好,{Demolitionist}!今天有什么可以为你效劳?
  • Well, hi there, {GoblinTinkerer}! What can I do for you today?你好,{GoblinTinkerer}!今天有什么可以为你效劳?
  • Well, hi there, {Nurse}! What can I do for you today?你好,{Nurse}!今天有什么可以为你效劳?
  • Well, hi there, {Mechanic}! What can I do for you today?你好,{Mechanic}!今天有什么可以为你效劳?
  • Well, hi there, {Dryad}! What can I do for you today?你好,{Dryad}!今天有什么可以为你效劳?
  • Want me to pull a coin from behind your ear? No? Ok.想让我从你耳朵后面变出一个钱币吗?不想?好吧。
  • Do you want some magic candy? No? Ok.想要一些魔法糖果吗?不想?好吧。
  • Hey, this house is secure, right? Right? {PlayerName}?这个房屋安全吧?对不对?{PlayerName}?
  • I make a rather enchanting hot chocolate if you'd be inter...No? Ok.我做了一杯诱人的热巧克力,你感不感...不感兴趣?好吧。
  • Are you here for a peek at my crystal ball?你来这里是不是想看看我的水晶球?
  • Ever wanted an enchanted ring that turns rocks into slimes? Well neither did I.想不想要一枚魔戒,可以把石头变成史莱姆?好吧,我也没不想要。
  • Someone once told me friendship is magic. That's ridiculous. You can't turn people into frogs with friendship.有人告诉我友谊是神奇的。太荒谬了。友谊不可能把人变成青蛙。
  • I can see your future now... You will buy a lot of items from me!我现在能看到你的未来...你会从我这里买很多物品!
  • I once tried to bring an Angel Statue to life. It didn't do anything.我曾经试过复活一座天使雕像。然并卵。
  • Thanks! It was just a matter of time before I ended up like the rest of the skeletons down here.谢谢!迟早有一天,我的结局也会和这里的其他骷髅一样。
  • Hey, watch where you're going! I was over there a little while ago!嗨,当心脚下!我刚刚走过!
  • Hold on, I've almost got wifi going down here.等一下,我在这下面快要接收到wifi了。
  • But I was almost done putting blinking lights up here!但我快要把闪光灯放到上面了!
  • Not even a blood moon can stop capitalism. Let's do some business.即便是血月也无法阻挡资本主义。做点生意吧。
  • All I want is for the switch to make the... What?!我要做的就是找个开关...干嘛?!
  • Oh, let me guess. Didn't buy enough wire. Idiot.哦,让我猜猜。买的电线不够。白痴。
  • Just-could you just... Please? Ok? Ok. Ugh.你能不能...求你了?好吗?好吧。唉。
  • I don't appreciate the way you're looking at me. I am WORKING right now.我不喜欢你这样看着我。我在工作呢。
  • Hey, {PlayerName}, did you just come from {GoblinTinkerer}'s? Did he say anything about me by chance?嗨,{PlayerName},你是不是刚刚从{GoblinTinkerer}家过来?他有没有提到过我?
  • {ArmsDealer} keeps talking about pressing my pressure plate. I told him it was for stepping on.{ArmsDealer}一直在说怎么按我的压力板。我告诉他,这是用脚踩的。
  • Always buy more wire than you need!一定要多买些电线!
  • Did you make sure your device was plugged in?你确定你的设备插好电源了?
  • Oh, you know what this house needs? More blinking lights.哦,你知道这个房屋需要什么?需要更多的闪光灯。
  • Keep your eye on the prize, buy a lense!注意盯着奖励,买个晶状体吧!
  • You can tell a Blood Moon is out when the sky turns red. There is something about it that causes monsters to swarm.天空变红的时候,你就知道血月升起来了。血月有一种魔力,能吸引怪物蜂拥而来。
  • Hey, buddy, do you know where any deathweed is? Oh, no reason; just wondering, is all.嗨,兄弟,你知道哪儿有死亡草吗?哦,没有原因,问问而已。
  • If you were to look up, you'd see that the moon is red right now.如果你向上看,你就能看到此刻月亮是红色的。
  • You should stay indoors at night. It is very dangerous to be wandering around in the dark.晚上你应该呆在家里。黑夜在外面转悠非常危险。
  • Greetings, {PlayerName}. Is there something I can help you with?嗨,{PlayerName}。有什么可以帮你?
  • I am here to give you advice on what to do next. It is recommended that you talk with me anytime you get stuck.我的工作是为你接下来的任务提供建议。如果遇到困难,建议你随时问我。
  • They say there is a person who will tell you how to survive in this land... oh wait. That's me.他们说,有个人会告诉你如何在这个地方生存...打住。那个人就是我。
  • You can use your pickaxe to dig through dirt, and your axe to chop down trees. Just place your cursor over the tile and click!你可以用镐子挖土,用斧子砍树。只需把光标放到图格上并点击!
  • If you want to survive, you will need to create weapons and shelter. Start by chopping down trees and gathering wood.如果你想活下来,你需要制造武器和建造房屋。先开始砍树和收集木材。
  • Press {InventoryKey} to access your crafting menu. When you have enough wood, create a workbench. This will allow you to create more complicated things, as long as you are standing close to it.按{InventoryKey}访问制作菜单。拥有足够的木材时,制作工作台。这将让你能够制作更为复杂的东西,但必须接近工作台。
  • Kosh, kapleck Mog. Oh sorry, that's klingon for 'Buy something or die.'Kosh, kapleck Mog。哦,对不起,这是克林贡语,意思是“要么买,要么死。”
  • You can build a shelter by placing wood or other blocks in the world. Don't forget to create and place walls.你可以建造房屋,方法是将木材和其他砖块放在是世界里。别忘了建造和放置墙。
  • Once you have a wooden sword, you might try to gather some gel from the slimes. Combine wood and gel to make a torch!拥有一把木剑后,你可以试试从史莱姆身上收集一些凝胶。用木材和凝胶制作一个火把!
  • To interact with backgrounds, use a hammer!要执行背景设置,使用锤子!
  • You should do some mining to find metal ore. You can craft very useful things with it.你应该挖矿,找到金属矿石。你可以用它来制作非常有用的物品。
  • Now that you have some ore, you will need to turn it into a bar in order to make items with it. This requires a furnace!现在你拥有了一些矿石,你需要将它铸成矿锭,才能用来制作物品。这需要熔炉!
  • You can create a furnace out of torches, wood, and stone. Make sure you are standing near a work bench.你可以用火把、木材和石头制作熔炉。请务必站在工作台旁边。
  • You will need an anvil to make most things out of metal bars.你需要一个砧子才能充分锤炼金属锭。
  • Anvils can be crafted out of iron, or purchased from a merchant.砧子可以用铁制作或者从商人那里购买。
  • Underground are crystal hearts which can be used to increase your max life. You can smash them with a pickaxe.地下有水晶之心,可以用来提高你的最大生命值。你可以用镐子来打碎它们。
  • If you gather 5 fallen stars, they can be combined to create an item that will increase your magic capacity.如果你收集5颗坠落之星,就可以合制成一个物品,以提升你的魔法能力。
  • {PlayerName} is it? I've heard good things, friend!是{PlayerName}吗?我听到过有人说好话,朋友!
  • Stars fall all over the world at night. They can be used for all sorts of usefull things. If you see one, be sure to grab it because they disappear after sunrise.夜晚,星星在坠落,洒满全世界。它们的用途极为广泛。如果那你看到一颗,一定要拿到手,因为星星在日出后就会消失。
  • There are many different ways you can attract people to move in to our town. They will of course need a home to live in.吸引他人搬进镇子的方法有很多种。他们当然需要有个家。
  • In order for a room to be considered a home, it needs to have a door, a chair, a table, and a light source. Make sure the house has walls as well.要将房间打造成家,则需要门、椅子、桌子和光源。记得房屋还要有墙。
  • Two people will not live in the same home. Also, if their home is destroyed, they will look for a new place to live.两个人不能住一个家。还有,如果家被摧毁了,就要找个新的住处。
  • You can use the housing interface to assign and view housing. Open your inventory and click the house icon.你可以使用房屋界面来分配和查看住房情况。打开物品栏并点击房屋图标。
  • If you want a merchant to move in, you will need to gather plenty of money. 50 silver coins should do the trick!如果想让商人搬进来,你需要收集很多钱。50枚银币就能搞定!
  • For a nurse to move in, you might want to increase your maximum life.要让护士搬进来,你需要提高自己的最大生命值。
  • If you had a gun, I bet an arms dealer might show up to sell you some ammo!如果你有一支枪,军火商会来向你出售弹药!
  • You should prove yourself by defeating a strong monster. That will get the attention of a dryad.你需要打败一只强大的怪物来证明自己。这样才能吸引树妖的注意。
  • Make sure to explore the dungeon thoroughly. There may be prisoners held deep within.务必彻底探索整个地牢。深处可能关押了囚犯。
  • Look at that shoddy armor you're wearing. Better buy some more healing potions.看看你穿的破盔甲。最好多买点治疗药水。
  • I hear there's a secret treasure... oh never mind.我听说有一个秘密宝藏...哦,没什么。
  • Perhaps the old man by the dungeon would like to join us now that his curse has been lifted.地牢旁边的老人已经解除诅咒了,现在他也许愿意加入我们。
  • Hang on to any bombs you might find. A demolitionist may want to have a look at them.拿好你能够找到的任何炸弹。爆破专家也许想瞧一瞧。
  • Are goblins really so different from us that we couldn't live together peacefully?哥布林和我们的差别有那么大吗,都没法和平相处了吗?
  • I heard there was a powerful wizard who lives in these parts. Make sure to keep an eye out for him next time you go underground.我听说,这些地方住着一名强大的巫师。下次你去地下的时候一定要留心他。
  • If you combine lenses at a demon altar, you might be able to find a way to summon a powerful monster. You will want to wait until night before using it, though.如果在恶魔祭坛上合成晶状体,你也许能够找到召唤一个强大怪物的方法。不过,你最好等到夜晚再用它。
  • You can create worm bait with rotten chunks and vile powder. Make sure you are in a corrupt area before using it.你可以用腐肉和魔粉制作虫饵。你必须在腐化区域才能使用它。
  • Demonic altars can usually be found in the corruption. You will need to be near them to craft some items.恶魔祭坛在腐化之地随处可见。你必须靠近它们才能制作一些物品。
  • You can make a grappling hook from a hook and 3 chains. Skeletons found deep underground usually carry hooks, and chains can be made from iron bars.你可以用一个爪钩和三条链子制作一个抓钩。地下深处的骷髅们通常带着爪钩,而链子可以用铁锭制作。
  • If you see a pot, be sure to smash it open. They contain all sorts of useful supplies.如果你看到罐子,一定要砸开它。罐子里有各种有用的补给。
  • There is treasure hidden all over the world. Some amazing things can be found deep underground!整个世界都藏着宝藏。地下深处能够找到一些有意思的东西!
  • Angel Statue you say? I'm sorry, I'm not a junk dealer.你是说天使雕像?对不起,我不是收废品的。
  • Smashing a shadow orb will sometimes cause a meteor to fall out of the sky. Shadow orbs can usually be found in the chasms around corrupt areas.砸碎暗影珠有时会导致流星坠落天际。暗影珠通常位于在腐化区域周围的裂缝中。
  • You should focus on gathering more life crystals to increase your maximum life.你应当专注于收集更多的生命水晶,以提高最大生命值。
  • Your current equipment simply won't do. You need to make better armor.你现有的装备根本做不到。你需要制作更好的盔甲。
  • I think you are ready for your first major battle. Gather some lenses from the eyeballs at night and take them to a demon altar.我认为你已经准备好迎接第一场大型战斗了。晚上收集眼球中的一些晶状体,并将其带到恶魔祭坛。
  • You will want to increase your life before facing your next challenge. Fifteen hearts should be enough.在面对下一个挑战时,建议你提高生命值。十五颗心应该足够了。
  • The ebonstone in the corruption can be purified using some powder from a dryad, or it can be destroyed with explosives.腐化之地的黑檀石可用一些树妖的粉末净化,或者用炸药摧毁。
  • Your next step should be to explore the corrupt chasms. Destroy any shadow orb you find.下一步应当探索腐化裂缝。寻找并摧毁你找到的任何暗影珠。
  • There is an old dungeon not far from here. Now would be a good time to go check it out.离这里不远有一个古老的地牢。现在正是查探一番的好时机。
  • You should make an attempt to max out your available life. Try to gather twenty hearts.你应当试试提高到最大的生命值。试着收集二十颗心。
  • There are many treasures to be discovered in the jungle, if you are willing to dig deep enough.如果你愿意挖得足够深,丛林中就有很多宝藏等着你去发现。
  • The last guy who was here left me some junk... er I mean... treasures!以前守护这儿的人留给了我一些垃圾...呃,我意思是...一些宝藏!
  • The underworld is made of a material called hellstone. It's perfect for making weapons and armor.地狱由一种名为狱石的材料构成。它非常适合制作武器和盔甲。
  • When you are ready to challenge the keeper of the underworld, you will have to make a living sacrifice. Everything you need for it can be found in the underworld.在你准备好挑战地狱的守卫时,必须进行活祭。它所需要的一切都能在地狱中找到。
  • Make sure to smash any demon altar you can find. Something good is bound to happen if you do!务必砸毁你能找到的所有恶魔祭坛。这样做一定会有好处的!
  • Souls can sometimes be gathered from fallen creatures in places of extreme light or dark.有时,从极明或极暗的地方坠落的生物中能收集到灵魂。
  • Ho ho ho, and a bottle of... Egg Nog!哈哈哈,一瓶...蛋酒!
  • Care to bake me some cookies?你愿意给我烤些饼干吗?
  • What? You thought I wasn't real?什么?你认为我不是真的?
  • I managed to sew your face back on. Be more careful next time.我把你的脸缝好了。下次要多小心。
  • That's probably going to leave a scar.很可能会留疤。
  • All better. I don't want to see you jumping off anymore cliffs.情况好多了。我不想再看到你跳崖。
  • I wonder if the moon is made of cheese...huh, what? Oh yes, buy something!不知道月亮是不是芝士做的...什么?对了,买点东西!
  • That didn't hurt too bad, now did it?并不是很疼吧。现在呢?
  • As if living underground wasn't bad enough, jerks like you come in while I'm sleeping and steal my children.生活在地下已经够惨的了,像你这样的败类还要趁我睡觉来偷我的孩子。
  • Between you and me, {Dryad} is the only one I trust. She is the only one here who hasn't tried to eat me or use me in a potion.只有你知我知,{Dryad}是我唯一信任的人。她是这里唯一一个不想吃掉我或用我来炼药的人。
  • I tried to lick myself the other day to see what the big deal was, everything started glowing blue.有一天,我试着舔了舔自己,看看会发生什么大不了的事,然后全身都开始发蓝光。
  • Everytime I see the color blue, it makes me depressed and lazy.每次看到蓝色,我都感到郁闷和懒散。
  • You haven't seen any pigs around here have you? My brother lost his leg to one.你在这附近看到过猪吗?我弟弟的一条腿被猪叼走了。
  • Everyone in this town feels a bit off. I woke up to the clothier chewing on my foot last night.镇上的每个人都感到有点古怪。昨晚,我醒来时,服装商正在啃我的脚。
  • I'll give you a discount on your wears if you can convince {Truffle} to come over for a...sizing.如果能说服{Truffle}过来了试一下...尺码,我会给你打折。
  • I feel like {Truffle} is a bit misunderstood, he really is a fun guy.我觉得{Truffle}被人误会了,他真的是个好人。
  • Did you say gold? I'll take that off of ya.你是说黄金?我要把它抖出来。
  • I don't know the 'Truffle Shuffle,' so stop asking!我不知道什么是“肚皮波浪”,所以别问了!
  • There's been such a huge rumor that's being spread about me, 'If you can't beat him, eat him!'人们正盛传着一个关于我的谣言:“如果不能击败他,就吃掉他!”
  • Oy, whatchu got in you jiminy fluffer?欧嘿,可有宝物否?
  • Should I become an air pirate? I've considered becoming an air pirate.我应该做劫机大盗?我考虑过做劫机大盗。
  • Be it what it would, a jetpack would suit you nicely!不管怎样,喷气背包和你很搭!
  • I'm feeling a bit peevish as of late, so enough with your palaver you ragamuffin!近来我感觉有点暴躁,所以别再拍马屁了,跟个叫花子似的!
  • I'm mighty curious about that {Cyborg} fellow. By what manner of consumption does he maintain such locomotion?我对那个叫{Cyborg}的家伙特别好奇。他的移动能力这么强,功耗是怎样的?
  • That captain fellow seems to me to be 'pretty well over the bay' if you know what I mean!我觉得,那个船长“烂醉如泥”,你知道我的意思吧!
  • Show me some gears!给我一些装备!
  • I like your... gear. Does it come in brass?我喜欢你的...装备。是用黄铜做的吗?
  • You better not get blood on me.你最好不要让血沾到我身上。
  • Once you enter hallowed land, you will see a rainbow in the sky. I can help you with painting that if you want.进入神圣之地后,你将看到天空中挂着一道彩虹。如果你喜欢,我帮你画下来。
  • Check out {PartyGirl}. Now that's a girl who can paint the town red!查一查{PartyGirl}。她就是那个将整个镇子漆成红色的女孩!
  • I know the difference between turquoise and blue-green. But I won't tell you.我知道青绿色和蓝绿色之间的差别。但我不会告诉你。
  • I'm all out of titanium white, so don't even ask.钛白色用完了,别问了。
  • Try swirly pink and purple, it works, I swear!尝试旋涡粉色和紫色,肯定管用,我发誓!
  • No, no, no... There's TONS of different grays! Don't get me started...不、不、不...灰色也分很多种!别让我开始...
  • I hope it doesn't rain again until this paint dries. That would be a disaster!我希望别下雨了,漆还没干。下雨就惨了!
  • I bring you the richest colors in exchange for your riches!我带给你最丰富的色彩,以换取你的财富!
  • My dear, what you're wearing is much too drab. You absolutely must take a lesson in dyeing your tired attire!亲爱的,你的穿着太单调了。你一定得好好学学,怎么给单调的衣服染色!
  • The only kind of wood I would bother dyeing is RICH Mahogany. Dyeing any other wood is such a waste.我唯一愿意染的木材是红木。给任何其他木材染色都是浪费。
  • Hurry up and stop bleeding.快点,别再流血了。
  • You must do something about {Pirate}. Everytime he comes over here, it takes me a week to get the smell off!你必须对{Pirate}做点什么。每次他来这儿,我都要用一整个星期才能去掉气味!
  • Which doctor am I? The Witch Doctor am I.我是啥医?我是巫医。
  • The heart of magic is nature. The nature of hearts is magic.法术的核心是自然。自然的本质是法术。
  • {Nurse} may help heal your body, but I can make you embody healing.{Nurse}可以治愈你的身体,但我可以让治愈过程更体面。
  • Choose wisely, {PlayerName}, my commodities are volatile and my dark arts, mysterious.认真选,{PlayerName},我的商品不稳定,我的黑魔法很神秘。
  • We have to talk. It's... it's about parties.我们得谈谈。这...聚会的事。
  • I can't decide what I like more: parties, or after-parties.我不知道我是更喜欢派对还是庆功派对。
  • We should set up a blinkroot party, and we should also set up an after-party.我们应该办一个闪耀根派对,而且我们还应该办一个庆功派对。
  • Wow, {PlayerName}, meeting an adventurous man like you makes me want to party!哇,{PlayerName},认识像你这样的冒险家,让我有股想开派对的冲动!
  • Put up a disco ball and then I'll show you how to party.装个迪斯科球,我告诉你如何开派对。
  • If you're going to die, do it outside.如果你要死,去外面死。
  • I went to Sweden once, they party hard, why aren't you like that?我去过一次瑞典,他们经常开派对,你怎么和他们不一样?
  • My name's {PartyGirl} but people call me party pooper. Yeah I don't know, it sounds cool though.我叫{PartyGirl},但人们叫我派对扫把星。是啊,我也不知道,但听起来酷酷的。
  • Do you party? Sometimes? Hm, okay then we can talk...你开派对吗?有时开?好吧,那我们谈谈...
  • I'm no landlubber, but it's better to have lubbed and lost than never to have lubbed at all.我不是旱鸭子,但即便试水失败也比永远不试强。
  • Yo ho ho and a bottle of....blinkroots!哟嗬嗬,一瓶...闪耀根!
  • YAR! Funny ye should be mentionin' parrots b'cause...um...What t'were we talkin' 'bout?呀!贼溜了,唠扯唠扯鹦鹉吧,因...噶...哈...唠啥嗑呢?
  • {PlayerName}, Ye be one o' the finest lookin' lassies this here captain's seen in many a fortnight!{PlayerName},你是俺船长这半个月见过的最漂亮的妞!
  • Stay off me booty, ya scallywag!别碰我的战利品,淘气鬼!
  • What in blazes are ye talkin' about? Moby Dick is mine!说啥呢?白鲸是我的!
  • *Yarr Blarr Harrdarr**卜拉卜拉卡卡*
  • What is that supposed to mean?!什么意思?!
  • And then Unit 492-8 said, 'Who do you think I am, Unit 472-6?' HA. HA. HA.然后,第492-8队说,“你认为我是谁?第472-6队?”哈。哈。哈。
  • My expedition efficiency was critically reduced when a projectile impacted my locomotive actuator.射弹击中火车制动器时,我前进的速度大大减慢了。
  • This sentence is false, or is it?这句话是个假命题,是不是?
  • So that 'punk' lookin' chick is an inventor, eh? I think I could show her a thing or two!所以那个“朋克”样的小妞是个发明家,是吗?我想我要给她看一两件东西!
  • Sure, me and {Pirate} are pals, but I hate it when his parrot does his business on me. That stuff's corrosive!当然,虽然我和{Pirate}是好朋友,但当他的鹦鹉在我身上拉粪时,我特别烦他。那东西还有腐蚀性!
  • I built myself a taste mechanism, so I can drink some ale!我为自己建立了品尝机制,这样就能喝一点麦芽酒!
  • Sometimes I come off a bit... Get it? a bit?有时候我有一点...懂了吗?有一点吗?
  • Short back and sides' is it?背部和两侧都很短?
  • Those highlights really bring out your eyes!那些亮点真会吸引你的眼球!
  • My hands are sticky from all that... wax.我的手黏糊糊的...是蜡。
  • I don't think I like your tone.我不喜欢你说话的口气。
  • Tea? Coffee? Or is it just orange juice again?茶?咖啡?干脆再来点橙汁?
  • Doll, we seriously need to fix those split ends.美女,我们真的需要补一补那些开叉。
  • Gurrllll! You are my favorite gossip ever.啊呼!你是我最喜欢的八婆。
  • Which aftershave can I interest you in today, sir?先生,您今天想试试哪种须后水?
  • Sit down for a second and I'll have you steppin' razor.坐一会儿,我给你剃须刀。
  • Either you have style, or you get styled.要么天生有型,要么变得有型。
  • For you I think we'll do something... low maintenance.对于你,我想我们会弄个...容易保养的发型。
  • I tried using one of the Dye Master's products once. Ends fried. Disaster.我曾用过一次染发大师的一款产品。结果变得焦黄。简直就是灾难。
  • Oh you poor, poor thing. Just... just sit down here. It'll be okay. Shhhh.哦,真可怜,可怜的家伙。来...在这儿坐下。会没事的。嘘。
  • Check my fresh.看看我的新发型。
  • I feel like an evil presence is watching me.我觉着像是有个邪恶的东西在看着我。
  • Why are you even here? If you aren't bleeding, you don't need to be here. Get out.你怎么会在这儿?如果你没流血,就没必要在这儿。出去。
  • Hello sir, I'm {Stylist}, and I'll be your barber today.你好,先生,我是{Stylist},今天我来为你理发。
  • Just a little off the top? That's no fun...就剃掉上面一点吗?那可真没意思...
  • I hope you like what I did to {PartyGirl}'s hair!希望你会喜欢我给{PartyGirl}设计的发型!
  • There is nothing I can do for {Demolitionist}'s singed head. He's a lost cause.对于{Demolitionist}烧焦的头发,我无力回天了。他注定没救了。
  • Tipping IS optional, but remember I have access to scissors and your head.给不给小费你看着办,但别忘了剪刀和你的脑袋都在我手上。
  • This is a cut-throat razor by the way.对了,这可是一把割喉的剃刀。
  • You better stay outta my hair tonight, hun. I just sharpened my scissors, and I'm looking for an excuse to use them!你今晚最好别碰我的头发,哼。我刚磨快我的剪刀,正想找个借口用用它!
  • Mhmm, I heard from {PartyGirl} that {Mechanic}'s friend {Nurse} spent her boyfriend's last paycheck on shoes.呣,我听{PartyGirl}说,{Mechanic}的朋友{Nurse}买了双鞋,花光了她男友上个月的工资。
  • One time I put a wig on {Cyborg} just so I could cut his hair. I think he kinda liked it!有一次,我给{Cyborg}套上假发,这样我就能给他理发了。我觉得他还挺喜欢的!
  • I tried to visit {Stylist} one time. She just looked at me and said 'nope.'有一次,我试过去拜访{Stylist}。她看了我一下 就说“不行。”
  • WHAT?!什么?!
  • I think it is about time I got my hair did!我觉得我该做头发了!
  • Did you even try to brush your hair today?你今天到底有没有梳过头发?
  • So a pixie cut, would you like to keep some lady burns?那么剪个妖精发型,你想留点女士鬓角吗?
  • I have no problem cleaning up ears and eyebrows, but I draw the line at nose hair.修剪发髻和眉毛可以,但是不能修剪鼻毛。
  • Alright, you sit and marinate. I'll be back to rinse your color out in 25 minutes...好吧,你边坐边染。25分钟后我再来将染发剂冲洗干净...
  • Thanks hun! Now I can finally do my hair.谢谢啊!现在,我终于可以做头发了。
  • I would have given you a free cut if you'd come earlier.如果你再早点来,我就会免费给你理发。
  • Don't go exploring with scissors, they said. You won't get trapped in a spider's web, they said!他们说,不要玩弄剪刀。他们说,你不会被困在蜘蛛网中!
  • Ew, my hair, there's spider web all over it!啊,我的头发,上面都是蜘蛛网!
  • Meet me behind {Guide}'s house in about three hours, I think I have something you will find very appealing.大约三小时后到{Guide}家后面来找我,我想我有件你会很感兴趣的东西。
  • Have you seen that old man pacing around the dungeon? He looks troubled.看到那个在地牢周围转来转去的老人没?他看上去遇到麻烦了。
  • That {Merchant}, he really has no appreciation for a really good deal.那个{Merchant},他真的没头脑,不懂什么是好交易。
  • I sell only what I can get. {Clothier} keeps hounding me for exotic clothing.我只卖我能弄到的。{Clothier}老缠着我要异国情调的衣服。
  • Hmm, you look like you could use an Angel Statue! They slice, and dice, and make everything nice!嗯,看上去你会使用天使雕像!他们切片,又切丁,让一切都如此美好!
  • I don't refund for \"buyer's remorse...\" Or for any other reason, really.我不会因“买家后悔...”而退款也不会因任何其它原因退款,不骗你。
  • Buy now and get free shipping!现在购买还包邮!
  • I sell wares from places that might not even exist!我卖的商品来自可能根本就不存在的地方!
  • You want two penny farthings!? Make it one and we have a deal.你想要两文钱!?一文钱就成交。
  • Combination hookah and coffee maker! Also makes julienne fries!既能抽水烟,也能煮咖啡!还能炸切丝薯条!
  • Come and have a look! One pound fish! Very, very good! One pound fish!看一看,瞧一瞧!一斤重的鱼!新鲜味美!一斤重的鱼!
  • If you're looking for junk, you've come to the wrong place.如果你是在找垃圾,那就来错地方了。
  • I wish {Demolitionist} would be more careful. I'm getting tired of having to sew his limbs back on every day.我希望{Demolitionist}会更小心些。每天都得为他缝合肢体,我都烦死了。
  • A thrift shop? No, I am only selling the highest quality items on the market.旧货店?不,我只卖市场上的尖货。
  • Smashing a crimson heart will sometimes cause a meteor to fall out of the sky. Crimson hearts can usually be found in the chasms around crimtane areas.砸碎一颗猩红之心有时会令流星坠落天际。猩红之心通常位于猩红矿区周围的裂缝中。
  • Have you tried using purification powder on the crimstone of the crimson?你试过对猩红之地的猩红石使用净化粉吗?
  • You must cleanse the world of this crimson.你必须净化这个猩红的世界。
  • Psst! I might have a job for you. Don't think you can say no, either!嘿!我有一个活儿给你。不要以为你能拒绝,怎么都不行!
  • I want a fish and you're going to find me one! Ask me about it!我想要一条鱼,你去给我弄一条来!问我它的信息吧!
  • Hey! Just the sacrifi- I mean competent fishing master that I've been looking for! 嘿!你就是我一直在找的牺...我是说称职的钓鱼大师!
  • {Angler} wants YOU as the official {WorldName} errand monkey!{Angler}想让你正式成为{WorldName}的跑腿官!
  • Whaaaat?! Can't you see I'm winding up fishing line??什....么?!难道你没看见我在收钓鱼线吗??
  • I have enough fish! I don't need your help right now!我的鱼够了!我现在不需要你的帮助!
  • Hey, has {ArmsDealer} mentioned needing to go to the doctor for any reason? Just wondering.嗨,{ArmsDealer}有没有提过为什么要去看医生?只是好奇罢了。
  • There's no chefs in all of {WorldName}, so I have to cook all this fish myself! 整个{WorldName}中都没有厨师,所以我不得不自己烹鱼!
  • Hey! Watch it! I'm setting up traps for my biggest prank ever! No one will see it coming! Don't you dare tell anyone!嘿!当心!我设了许多机关,用来实施史上最大的恶作剧!没人会发觉!你胆敢告诉任何人!
  • Let a kid give you some advice, never touch your tongue to an ice block! Wait, forget what I said, I totally want to see you do it!听听小孩的忠告吧,永远不要用舌头碰冰块!等一下,就当我没说,我就想看你这样做!
  • Ever heard of a barking fish?! I haven't, I'm just wondering if you did!听说过会叫的鱼吗?!我没听说过,只是想知道你听说过没!
  • {WorldName} is filled to the brim with the most outlandish kinds of fish!{WorldName}到处都是各种稀奇古怪的鱼!
  • I'm bummed out! There's probably been fish that have gone extinct before I even was born, and that's not fair!太失望了!有些鱼可能在我出生之前就灭绝了,真不公平!
  • I don't have a mommy or a daddy, but I have a lot of fish! It's close enough!我没有妈妈,也没有爸爸,但我有很多鱼!这就够了!
  • Heh heh, you shoulda seen the look on {Dryad}'s face when I stuck that piranha tooth in the chair!嘿嘿,你真该看看当我把食人鱼的牙齿刺进椅子之后,{Dryad}的表情!
  • I have a request for you! No, I don't care that there's a zombie apocalypse right now!我有个任务给你!不,现在我才不管什么僵尸大灾难呢!
  • Hurry up and listen! I need you to catch something for me right now!快点,听着!我要你马上去抓个东西给我!
  • I need to have a serious talk with {Guide}. How many times a week can you come in with severe lava burns?我要和{Guide}认真谈一谈。你一周到底有多少次被熔岩烫成重伤?
  • I hate blood moons! I stay up all night because of all the scary noises!我恨血月!各种可怕的噪音害我一整夜都没睡!
  • Blood moon is the worst time to fish! The fish bite, yes, but so do the zombies!血月是最不适合钓鱼的时候!这鱼咬人,没错,但僵尸也咬人!
  • There's a bajillion monsters running around out there right now!现在有一大群怪物在附近跑来跑去!
  • Thanks, I guess, for saving me or whatever. You'd be a great helper minion!谢谢,我想,谢谢你救了我之类的。你是个优秀的得力仆从!
  • Wha? Who might you be? I totally wasn't just drowning or anything!啥?你是哪位?我绝对不只是溺水之类的!
  • You saved me! You're awful nice, I could use you... er, I mean, totally hire you to do some awesome stuff for me!你救了我!你太好了,我可以使唤你...呃,我是说,雇你帮我做些了不起的事!
  • Got any spare bones for sale? I'm looking to replace my broken hip... again.还有多余的骨头卖吗?我的髋骨断了,我想再...换一次。
  • Excellent! Someone's finally come by to take some of these maggots off my hands.太好了!终于有人来拿掉我手上的蛆虫了。
  • There's no illness or condition that can't be cured by some of my Slime Oil! Trust me, it works, just look at my lively figure!没有我家史莱姆油治不好的病!相信我,很管用,看看我这生龙活虎的身板就知道了!
  • You've got a real backbone coming way down here, how 'bout ya buy somethin?真正的脊骨就快到货了,你要不买点什么?
  • I think you look better this way.我认为你这样看上去好多了。
  • You would not believe some of the things people throw at me... Wanna buy some of it?你肯定想不到大家扔了些什么给我...想买点?
  • I'd lend you a hand, but last time I did that, I didn't get it back for a month.我会帮你一把,但这是最后一次,我一个月都没把它弄回来
  • Stay away from the spiders. They'll suck out your insides and leave you a hollow shell of a man. Trust me on this one.离蜘蛛远点。它们会吸掉你的内脏,留下一副空壳。这次一定要信我。
  • The only things constant in this world are death and taxes, I've got both!这个世界上永恒不变的就只有死亡和税收,我两样都有!
  • You again? Suppose you want more money!?你又来了?你是想要更多钱吧!?
  • Must everyone open and shut doors so incredibly noisily around here?!每个人一定要又是开门又是关门,整得这里吵死人吗?!
  • I see you're free of time, as usual. Can't imagine what work life would be for your kind of folk.看得出你一如往常的闲。实在无法想象你这种人的工作生活会是啥样。
  • Yes, yes, yes! -- I'll give you your share in just a moment. I'd think you to be a bit more patient, what with me doing all the work and all.是,是,是!-- 我一会儿就把你那份给你。我以为你会更耐心点,等我把所有工作都做完。
  • What does a man have to do to be left alone in this place? Go bugger someone less busy!一个人独自留在这个地方要做些什么?去打扰不太忙的人!
  • ...two barrels of molasses, plus -- Oh, nevermind that, you're here. Here's your money....两桶糖浆,还有...哦,别介意,你在这啊。这是你的钱。
  • Eww... What happened to your face?呃...你的脸怎么了?
  • Just between you and me... I have no idea why they're bothering to pay the rent别告诉别人...我实在不明白他们为什么懒得付租金
  • Tried to get {Dryad} to pay me with favors once, now I have fungus growing in strange places.有一次试过让{Dryad}给我点好处,现在我在一些奇特的地方种了些菌类。
  • Go tell {ArmsDealer} to stop offering to pay me with ammo, I don't even own a gun.告诉{ArmsDealer}别再用弹药抵缴税款了,我连把枪都没有。
  • Why don't YOU try collecting money from {Demolitionist} and not lose a hand or foot or...你为什么不试着收{Demolitionist}的钱,并且不会断胳膊断脚...
  • I just came from {Merchant}'s. He wanted to know if I took credit cards.我刚从{Merchant}那儿回来。他想知道我是否接受信用卡。
  • MY GOODNESS! I'm good, but I'm not THAT good.我的天啊!我很好,但没有“那么”好。
  • Here's your cut of the taxes that I've taken from our surplus population!这是我从其余人那儿收缴的税款的抽成!
  • Here you are again, taking all my coin! Just grab it and begone from my sight!给你,再次拿走我所有的钱币!抓好,赶紧从我视野里消失!
  • Bah! Here, take your shillings and get out of my sight!呸!给,拿好你的铜板,滚出我的视线!
  • This is all you're gonna get for now, not a penny more! Take it and spend it wisely.这是你目前能拿到的所有钱,一分也不能多!拿去,花得精明点。
  • Dear friends we are gathered here today to bid farewell... Oh, you'll be fine.亲爱的朋友,今天我们集聚于此道声告别...喔,你会没事儿的。
  • ...And people call me greedy? No, I have nothing else for you....人们说我贪婪?不,我没什么能给你。
  • Oh, so you just see me as a coin sign, eh? 'Cus every time you see me, you ask me.哦,你就把我当作钱币符号,啊?因为每次你一看到我就问我要钱。
  • Don't you ever stop just to say 'Hi?'你就不能只是停下来说句“嗨?”
  • Bah! You again? You just grabbed some of my coin just moments ago, so bugger off and come back later!呸!你又来了?你刚刚才拿走了我的钱币,给我滚开,晚点再回来!
  • I just gave you half a crown five minutes ago! Scram!我五分钟前才给了你半个铜板!啊啊啊!
  • Reaching into my moneybags again already!? And you call ME greedy.又伸进我的钱袋了!?你可以说我很贪心。
  • You just received your pay, and not a farthing more! Get out!你刚刚才拿到你的酬劳,多一分钱也没有!滚开!
  • Money doesn't grow on trees, so don't overpick my fruit! Bah! 钱不是从树上掉下来的,所以我的钱你别拿太多了!呸!
  • You already managed to spend every pence I paid you!? Bah, I'm not a charity, go kill a slime!你已经花光了我付给你的每一分钱!?呸,我可不是慈善家,去杀死史莱姆!
  • Not so fast! You got your money, now begone! 没那么快!你已经拿到钱了,赶紧滚开!
  • Sword beats paper! Get one today.剑克纸!赶紧买一把。
  • You left your arm over there. Let me get that for you...你把武器落在那边了。我给你拿来...
  • Begging so soon?! Don't look at me like I'll have a change of heart overnight! 这么快就乞讨了?!别看我,别以为过了一晚上我就会改变主意!
  • Make sure to smash any crimson altar you can find. Something good is bound to happen if you do!务必砸毁你能找到的所有猩红祭坛。这样做一定会有好处的!
  • Crimson altars can usually be found in the crimson. You will need to be near them to craft some items.猩红祭坛通常出现在猩红之地。你必须靠近它们才能制作一些物品。
  • You can create a bloody spine with vertebrae. Make sure you are in a crimtane area before using it.你可以使用脊椎骨制作血腥脊椎。你必须在猩红矿区中才能使用它。
  • Quit being such a baby! I've seen worse.别像个孩子似的!我见过更糟的。
  • That's gonna need stitches!这需要缝针!
  • Trouble with those bullies again?又惹上流氓了?
  • Hold on, I've got some cartoon bandages around here somewhere.坚持住,我已经在附近找到卡通绷带了。
  • Walk it off, {PlayerName}, you'll be fine. Sheesh.走走看,{PlayerName},你会没事儿的。嘶。
  • Does it hurt when you do that? Don't do that.你这么做的时候疼吗?别那么做。
  • You look half digested. Have you been chasing slimes again?你看着就像被消化了一半一样。你又在追史莱姆了?
  • Turn your head and cough.转过头去咳嗽。
  • That's not the biggest I've ever seen... Yes, I've seen bigger wounds for sure.我见过更大的...是的,我确实见过更大的伤口。
  • You want apples? You want carrots? You want pineapples? We got torches.你想要苹果?你想要胡萝卜?你想要菠萝?我们只有火把。
  • Would you like a lollipop?你吃棒棒糖吗?
  • Show me where it hurts.让我看看哪里受伤了。
  • I'm sorry, but you can't afford me.抱歉,你雇不起我。
  • I'm gonna need more gold than that.我需要更多金子。
  • I don't work for free you know.你知道的,我干活得收钱。
  • I don't give happy endings.我给不了完美的结局。
  • I can't do anymore for you without plastic surgery.我能为你做的就只有整容了。
  • Quit wasting my time.别浪费我时间了。
  • I heard there is a doll that looks very similar to {Guide} somewhere in the underworld. I'd like to put a few rounds in it.我听说在地狱中的某个地方,有一个娃娃看上去很像{Guide}。我很想打它几枪。
  • Make it quick! I've got a date with {Nurse} in an hour.快点!一个小时后我要和{Nurse}约会呢。
  • Lovely morning, wouldn't you say? Was there something you needed?美好的清晨,你说呢?你需要什么?
  • I want what {Nurse} is sellin'. What do you mean, she doesn't sell anything?我想买{Nurse}卖的东西。你说啥?她什么也不卖?
  • {Dryad} is a looker. Too bad she's such a prude.{Dryad}很漂亮。可惜她是个假正经。
  • Don't bother with {Demolitionist}, I've got all you need right here.别和{Demolitionist}浪费时间了。我这边有你要的一切。
  • What's {Demolitionist}'s problem? Does he even realize we sell completely different stuff?{Demolitionist}怎么回事啊?难道他发现我们卖的东西完全不同?
  • Man, it's a good night not to talk to anybody, don't you think, {PlayerName}?伙计,这么美妙的夜晚就不要和别人交谈了,你认为呢,{PlayerName}?
  • I love nights like tonight. There is never a shortage of things to kill!我喜欢今夜这样的夜晚。有杀不完的小怪!
  • I see you're eyeballin' the Minishark.. You really don't want to know how it was made.我看你在盯着迷你鲨..你绝对想不到它是怎么做成的。
  • Hey, this ain't a movie, pal. Ammo is extra.嘿,这可不是演电影,兄弟。弹药得另外购买。
  • Keep your hands off my gun, buddy!把手从我的枪上拿开,哥们!
  • Have you tried using purification powder on the ebonstone of the corruption?你有没有试过对腐化之地的黑檀石使用净化粉?
  • Night will be upon us soon, friend. Make your choices while you can.快要天黑了,朋友。快做决定吧,不然就晚了。
  • I wish {ArmsDealer} would stop flirting with me. Doesn't he realize I'm 500 years old?我希望{ArmsDealer}不要再挑逗我了。难道他不知道我已经500岁了?
  • Why does {Merchant} keep trying to sell me an angel statues? Everyone knows that they don't do anything.为什么{Merchant}老向我推销天使雕像呢?大家都知道它们没一点用。
  • Have you seen the old man walking around the dungeon? He doesn't look well at all...你看到那个在地牢周围转来转去的老人没?他看起来不太好...
  • I sell what I want! If you don't like it, too bad.我想卖啥就卖啥!你要是不喜欢,那真是太可惜了。
  • Why do you have to be so confrontational during a time like this?你为什么一定要在这种时候作对呢?
  • I don't want you to buy my stuff. I want you to want to buy my stuff, ok?我不想让你买我的东西。我只是想让你想买我的东西,好吗?
  • Dude, is it just me or is there like a million zombies out tonight?哥们,今晚就只有我一个人,还是真的有无数僵尸出现?
  • You must cleanse the world of this corruption.你必须净化这个腐化的世界。
  • Be safe; Terraria needs you!注意安全!泰拉瑞亚需要你!
  • The sands of time are flowing. And well, you are not aging very gracefully.时间的沙漏在缓缓流逝。而你并没有优雅地变老。
  • You have no idea how much Dirt Blocks sell for overseas.你是不知道土块能在国外卖多少钱。
  • What's this about me having more 'bark' than bite?说我雷声大雨点小是啥意思?
  • So two goblins walk into a bar, and one says to the other, 'Want to get a Goblet of beer?!两个哥布林走进一个酒吧,其中一个对另一个说:“来杯啤酒?!”
  • I cannot let you enter until you free me of my curse.如果你不解除我的诅咒,我是不会让你进的。
  • Come back at night if you wish to enter.你要想进来,那就晚上再来。
  • My master cannot be summoned under the light of day.白天可召唤不了我的主人。
  • You are far too weak to defeat my curse. Come back when you aren't so worthless.你太弱了,破解不了我的诅咒。等你强大点了再来吧。
  • You pathetic fool. You cannot hope to face my master as you are now.你个可怜的白痴。你现在这样就别指望能对抗我的主人了。
  • I hope you have like six friends standing around behind you.我还盼着你身边能有几个帮手呢。
  • Please, no, stranger. You'll only get yourself killed.求你了,别,陌生人。你只会让自己送命的。
  • You just might be strong enough to free me from my curse...你的能力也只够将我从诅咒中解救出来...
  • Ah, they will tell tales of {PlayerName} some day... good ones I'm sure.总有一天他们会讲述{PlayerName}的传奇,肯定会是好故事。
  • Stranger, do you possess the strength to defeat my master?陌生人,你是否拥有能打败我主人的力量?
  • Please! Battle my captor and free me! I beg you!请帮帮我!打败捉住我的人,救我出去!求你了!
  • Defeat my master, and I will grant you passage into the Dungeon.打败我的主人,我就让你进入地牢。
  • Trying to get past that ebonrock, eh? Why not introduce it to one of these explosives!想通过那个黑檀石,嗯?为什么不用炸药炸掉它!
  • Hey, have you seen a clown around?你有没有在附近看到一个小丑?
  • There was a bomb sitting right here, and now I can't seem to find it...原来有个炸弹就在这儿,但现在我似乎找不到了...
  • I've got something for them zombies alright!我为这些僵尸准备了些东西!
  • Even {ArmsDealer} wants what I'm selling!就连{ArmsDealer}都想要我卖的东西!
  • Would you rather have a bullet hole or a grenade hole? That's what I thought.你是想挨子弹呢,还是挨手榴弹?反正我是这么想的。
  • I'm sure {Nurse} will help if you accidentally lose a limb to these.如果你不小心因此而断胳膊断腿,我相信{Nurse}会帮忙的。


即 CommonItemTooltip 表内容,被多个物品使用的详细描述文字。

  • Nearby players get a bonus against: 附近的玩家针对以下情况获得奖励:
  • Throws a counterweight after hitting an enemy with a yoyo用悠悠球击中一个敌人后,投掷平衡锤
  • 'Great for impersonating devs!'“非常适合冒充开发者!”
  • Use 10 Etherian Mana to summon more than one使用10点天国魔力召唤多个
  • Allows flight and slow fall可飞行和缓慢坠落
  • Minor improvements to all stats所有属性小幅提升
  • {0} minute duration{0}分钟持续时间
  • Placeable on a christmas tree可放置在圣诞树上
  • Restores {0} life恢复{0}生命值
  • Restores {0} mana恢复{0}魔力
  • <right> to open<right>可打开
  • {0} second duration{0}秒持续时间
  • Used for special crafting用于特殊制作
  • Increases yoyo range扩大悠悠球效力范围
  • Uses {0} life使用{0}生命值
  • Uses {0} mana使用{0}魔力


即 ItemTooltip 表内容,物品的详细描述文字。

  • Summons the Queen Bee召唤蜂王
  • Automatically places actuators on placed objects自动将制动器放置在已放好的物品上
  • Activates Actuators激活制动器
  • Enables solid blocks to be toggled on and off使实心块能够打开和关闭
  • 6% increased damage伤害增加6%
  • Used to smelt adamantite and titanium ore用于熔炼精金和钛金矿
  • Increases maximum mana by 80
    11% increased magic damage and critical strike chance
  • 7% increased melee critical strike chance
    14% increased melee damage
  • 4% increased critical strike chance
    5% increased movement speed
  • 14% increased ranged damage
    8% increased ranged critical strike chance
  • Immunity to Bleeding对流血免疫
  • 5% increased movement speed移动速度提高5%
  • 33% chance to not consume potion crafting ingredients33%的几率不消耗制作材料的药水
  • Summons a Baby Dinosaur召唤恐龙宝宝
  • Increases maximum mana by 20
    Reduces mana usage by 5%
  • Reduces ammo usage by 20%弹药使用率减少20%
  • 20% chance to not consume ammo20%的几率不消耗弹药
  • 15% increased magic and minion damage魔法和仆从伤害各增加15%
  • Increases your max number of minions提高仆从数量上限
  • Increases maximum mana by 80最大魔力值增加80
  • Increases maximum mana by 20
    4% increased magic critical strike chance
  • Increases maximum mana by 40
    4% increased magic critical strike chance
  • Summons a rideable basilisk mount召唤可骑乘的蛇蜥怪坐骑
  • 5% increased ranged damage.远程伤害增加5%。
  • 7% increased melee speed近战速度提高7%
  • Increases fishing skill提高钓鱼技能
  • Increases fishing level提高钓鱼水平
  • Fishing line will never break, Decreases chance of bait consumption, Increases fishing skill钓鱼线永远都不会断,将减少鱼饵消耗率,提高钓鱼技能
  • Grants immunity to most debuffs对大部分减益免疫
  • Grants immunity to knockback and fire blocks
    Grants immunity to most debuffs
  • 10% increased movement speed移动速度提高10%
  • Increases your max number of sentries
    10% increased minion & magic damage
  • 20% increased minion damage and 25% increased magic critical strike chance仆从伤害增加20%,魔法暴击率增加25%
  • 30% increased minion damage and 15% increased magic damage仆从伤害增加30%,魔法伤害增加15%
  • Increases your max number of sentries and reduces mana costs by 10%提高哨兵数量上限,魔力花费减少10%
  • 20% increased minion damage and 10% increased magic damage仆从伤害增加20%,魔法伤害增加10%
  • Splashes defense reducing miasma!溅弹防御减少瘴气!
  • 10% increased minion damage and 20% increased movement speed仆从伤害增加10%,移动速度提高20%
  • Sprays out a shower of water喷射一阵水
  • 20% increased arrow speed and damage箭的速度和伤害各增加20%
  • Increases tile and wall placement speed and reach
    Automatically paints placed objects
  • Grants the ability to swim and greatly extends underwater breathing
    Provides light under water and extra mobility on ice
  • 'I didn't get this off of a Schmoo'“我没拿到真空之刃”
  • Immunity to Weakness and Broken Armor对软弱和破损盔甲免疫
  • Immunity to Broken Armor对破损盔甲免疫
  • Increases running speed提高奔跑速度
  • Converts Chlorophyte Bars into Shroomite Bars将叶绿锭转化成蘑菇矿锭
  • 12% increased damage伤害增加12%
  • Enables your inner wingman
    'Great for impersonating streamers!'
  • Summons a Baby Grinch召唤格林奇宝宝
  • Allows the holder to double jump
    Increases jump height and negates fall damage
  • Releases bees when damaged
    Increases jump height and negates fall damage
  • Increases jump height增加跳跃高度
  • Slowly regenerates life缓慢再生生命
  • Increases maximum mana by 20最大魔力值增加20
  • Summons bats to attack your enemies召唤蝙蝠攻击敌人
  • Increases enemy spawn rate提高敌人生成速度
  • Shoots a beam of light射出一束光
  • Increases minion damage by 4%
    Increases your max number of minions
  • Causes stars to fall and releases bees when injured受伤时会使星星坠落并释放蜜蜂
  • Increases minion damage by 5%仆从伤害增加5%
  • Shoots bees that will chase your enemy射出会追杀敌人的蜜蜂
  • Summons killer bees after striking your foe
    Small chance to cause confusion
  • Explodes into a swarm of bees爆炸成一大群蜜蜂
  • Wooden arrows turn into a column of bees木箭变成一队蜜蜂
  • 6% increased melee damage
    Enemies are more likely to target you
  • 6% increased movement and melee speed
    Enemies are more likely to target you
  • 8% increased melee damage and critical strike chance
    6% increased movement and melee speed
  • 5% increased melee damage and critical strike chance
    Enemies are more likely to target you
  • <right> to have more minions<right>可拥有更多仆从
  • Immunity to Poison对毒药免疫
  • Increases view range when held持握时扩大视野范围
  • Gives a chance to dodge attacks有机会避开攻击
  • Used to make Black Dye用于制作黑染料
  • Has a chance to poison enemies有机会使敌人中毒
  • Spits an Ichor stream on contact碰到物体喷一串灵液
  • Used to craft objects用于制作物品
  • Summons a rideable unicorn mount召唤可骑乘的独角兽坐骑
  • Immunity to Darkness对黑暗免疫
  • Allows the holder to double jump
    Increases jump height
  • Allows the holder to double jump可让持有者二连跳
  • Showers an area with icicles降落一定范围的冰锥
  • Spreads the crimson to some blocks使多个块蔓延猩红之地
  • Summons the Brain of Cthulhu召唤克苏鲁之脑
  • Allows the collection of seeds for ammo可收集种子作为弹药
  • Used to make Blue Dye用于制作蓝染料
  • Activates when a player steps on it玩家踩上时激活
  • Used by the Clentaminator
    Spreads the Hallow
  • Places blue wire放置蓝电线
  • A small explosion that will destroy some tiles可摧毁一些图格的小炸弹
  • Life regen is increased when near a campfire靠近篝火时生命再生提速
  • 33% chance to not consume bone33%的几率不消耗骨头
  • Summons a Baby Skeletron Head召唤骷髅王宝宝头
  • Summons a Baby Face Monster召唤脸怪宝宝
  • 'Emits a deathly glow'“发出致命光芒”
  • Places bone放置骨头
  • 'It contains strange symbols'“上面写着奇怪的符号”
  • Shoots a skull射出骷髅头
  • Gotta wonder who stuck a tome of infinite wisdom on a stick...
    <right> to cast a powerful tornado
  • Fires a spread of bullets射出一连串子弹
  • Hammer to change direction锤击可改变方向
  • Contains an endless amount of water含有无限多的水
  • A small explosion that will destroy some tiles
    Very bouncy
  • 'This will prove to be terrible idea'“这将是一个可怕的想法”
  • Works when wet弄湿后有效
  • A small explosion that will not destroy tiles
    Very bouncy
  • May confuse nearby enemies after being struck可使附近被击中的敌人陷入混乱
  • Summons a rideable Scutlix mount召唤可骑乘的鳞甲怪坐骑
  • Increases breath time and allows breathing in water延长呼吸时间并可在水中呼吸
  • Increases tile placement speed增加图格放置速度
  • Rapidly shoots forceful bubbles快速射出强劲的泡泡
  • Blows bubbles吹泡泡
  • Increases placement speed and range提高放置速度和扩大放置范围
  • Allows the holder to quadruple jump
    Increases jump height
  • Sparks emit from struck enemies被击中的敌人发出火花
  • Reduces enemy aggression降低敌人攻击力
  • 33% chance to not consume ammo33%的几率不消耗弹药
  • For use with cannon搭配大炮使用
  • Summons a pet bunny召唤宠物兔
  • Increases pickup range for mana stars
    Restores mana when damaged
  • Increases pickup range for mana stars
    15% increased magic damage
  • Increases pickup range for mana stars扩大魔力星的拾取范围
  • Turns the holder into a werewolf at night and a merfolk when entering water
    Minor increases to all stats
  • Summons the Impending Doom召唤月亮末日
  • Minor increase to damage, melee speed, critical strike chance,
    life regeneration, defense, pick speed, and minion knockback
  • Displays everything
    Allows you to return home at will
  • Can be climbed on可供攀爬
  • 50% chance to not consume ammo50%的几率不消耗弹药
  • Provides life regeneration and reduces the cooldown of healing potions提供生命再生并缩短治疗药水的冷却时间
  • Bounces back after hitting a wall撞墙后弹回
  • Reacts to the light对光作出反应
  • Chases after your enemy追杀敌人
  • Shoots a powerful orb射出强大的球珠
  • 8% increased critical strike chance
    5% increased movement speed
  • Increases maximum mana by 80 and reduces mana usage by 17%
    16% increased magic damage
  • 16% increased ranged damage
    20% chance to not consume ammo
  • 16% increased melee damage
    6% increased melee critical strike chance
  • 'Reacts to the light'“对光作出反应”
  • Shoots a spore cloud射出孢子云
  • 5% increased damage
    7% increased critical strike chance
  • Shoots Christmas ornaments射出圣诞装饰
  • Grows plants种植物
  • Creates and destroys biomes when sprayed
    Uses colored solution
  • Allows the ability to slide down walls
    Improved ability if combined with Shoe Spikes
  • Summons a wall of cursed flames召唤诅咒焰墙
  • Three round burst
    Only the first shot consumes ammo
  • 'You are a terrible person'“你是个可怕的人”
  • Can mine Meteorite可开采陨石
  • 'You've been naughty this year'“你今年很淘气”
  • 3% increased critical strike chance暴击率增加3%
  • Can mine Mythril and Orichalcum可开采秘银和山铜
  • Increases maximum mana by 40
    9% increased magic critical strike chance
  • 7% increased movement speed
    12% increased melee speed
  • 10% increased ranged damage
    6% increased ranged critical strike chance
  • Grants immunity to knockback对击退免疫
  • Productivity up 200%生产力提高200%
  • Uses coins for ammo
    Higher valued coins do more damage
  • Increases coin pickup range
    Hitting enemies will sometimes drop extra coins
  • Susceptible to lava!易受熔岩伤害!
  • Displays horizontal position显示水平位置
  • Shoots confetti everywhere!到处喷射彩纸!
  • Tells the time报时
  • Allows the collection of Vine Rope from vines允许从葡萄藤收集藤蔓绳
  • Unlocks a Corruption Chest in the dungeon打开地牢中的腐化箱
  • Used for crafting a Corruption Key用于制作腐化钥匙
  • Summons a rideable UFO mount召唤可骑乘的UFO坐骑
  • Immunity to Silence and Curse对寂静和诅咒免疫
  • Increases chance to get a crate增加获得宝匣的几率
  • 2% increased damage伤害增加2%
  • Summons a heart to provide light召唤一颗心来提供照明
  • Unlocks a Crimson Chest in the dungeon打开地牢中的猩红箱
  • Used for crafting a Crimson Key用于制作猩红钥匙
  • Summons a cloud to rain blood on your foes召唤云来让敌人淋血雨
  • Increases length of invincibility after taking damage受伤后增加无敌状态时间
  • Creates several crystal shards on impact碰撞时产生若干魔晶碎片
  • Shoots an explosive crystal charge射出爆炸水晶弹
  • Summons rapid fire crystal shards召唤速射魔晶碎片
  • Summons a massive crystal spike召唤巨大的水晶尖刺
  • 'Not even water can put the flame out'“连水都无法将火焰浇灭”
  • Summons unholy fire balls召唤邪恶的火球
  • Summons a cursed sapling to follow you召唤诅咒树苗来跟着你
  • Can be placed in water可放置在水中
  • Used to make Cyan Dye用于制作青染料
  • Shoots arrows from the sky从天上射箭
  • Has a chance to confuse
    'Find your inner pieces'
  • Used by the Clentaminator
    Spreads Glowing Mushrooms
  • 'Sometimes carried by creatures in corrupt deserts'“腐化沙漠中的生物有时会携带”
  • 'Rend your foes asunder with a spear of light!'“用光明之矛将敌人四分五裂!”
  • Shoots splitting arrows, deals more damage to airborne enemies射出分裂的箭,对空中的敌人造成更多伤害
  • Place in the Eternia Crystal Stand to summon Etheria's portals放入埃特尼亚水晶座以召唤埃特尼亚的传送门
  • Holds the Eternia Crystal可托住埃特尼亚水晶
  • Often used to manifest one's will as a physical form of defense经常用于以物理形式的防御表现一个人的意志力
  • Summons a pet dragon召唤宠物龙
  • Summons a pet gato召唤宠物Gato
  • Summons a pet flickerwick to provide light召唤宠物闪烁灯芯来提供照明
  • Harnesses the power of undying flames利用不朽火焰的力量
  • Unleashes the heart's energy forward向前释放心的能量
  • <right> to guard with a shield<right>以用护盾防护
  • Able to mine Hellstone能够开采狱石
  • Shoots a deathly sickle射出致命镰刀
  • Currency for trading with the Tavernkeep用于与酒馆老板进行交易的货币
  • Permanently increases the number of accessory slots永久增加配饰栏数量
  • 'Pulsing with dark energy'“与黑暗能量休戚与共”
  • Casts a demon scythe投掷恶魔锄刀
  • Displays depth显示深度
  • 10% increased damage
    8% increased critical strike chance
  • 'Guts... and Gory!'“炸裂内脏...鲜血淋淋!”
  • Increases maximum mana by 80
    Reduces mana usage by 15%
  • Magically moves dirt用魔法移动土
  • Shops have lower prices商店纷纷降价
  • Grants the ability to swim
    Greatly extends underwater breathing
  • Greatly extends underwater breathing大大延长水下呼吸时间
  • Grants slow fall in exchange for your feet允许用双脚换取缓慢坠落的效果
  • Summons a Puppy召唤小狗
  • Displays your damage per second显示你的每秒伤害
  • 'Not to be confused with a picksaw'“不要跟锯刃镐混淆”
  • Summons a rideable Drill mount召唤可骑乘的钻头坐骑
  • Used to Craft Dyes用于制作燃料
  • A large explosion that will destroy most tiles可摧毁大部分图格的大炸弹
  • Summons a Baby Eater of Souls召唤噬魂怪宝宝
  • Uses gel for ammo将凝胶用作弹药
  • Increases maximum mana by 60
    Reduces mana usage by 11%
  • Used to craft various types of ammo用于制作各种弹药
  • Shoots an enchanted sword beam射出附魔剑束
  • Reduces damage taken by 10%所受伤害减少10%
  • Allows the player to dash into the enemy
    Double tap a direction
  • Explodes on impact碰撞时爆炸
  • For use with bunny cannon搭配兔兔炮使用
  • Explodes when activated激活时爆炸
  • Increases tile reach扩大图格触及范围
  • Turns silt\/slush\/fossils into something more useful
    'To use: Place silt\/slush\/fossils in the extractinator'
  • 10% increased critical strike chance暴击率增加10%
  • Summons an eyeball spring召唤弹簧眼
  • Summons a magical fairy召唤魔法仙灵
  • Disappears after the sunrise日出后消失
  • Immunity to Slow对减缓免疫
  • Slows falling speed减缓坠落速度
  • 12% increased melee speed近战速度提高12%
  • 'Fezzes are cool'“土耳其毡帽很酷”
  • 'It's made out of fire!'“它是火焰做的!”
  • Increases melee knockback and inflicts fire damage on attack
    10% increased melee damage and speed
  • Summons a baby penguin召唤企鹅宝宝
  • Displays fishing information显示钓鱼信息
  • Displays weather, moon phase, and fishing information显示天气、月相和钓鱼信息
  • Spews homing bubbles喷出自动寻的泡泡
  • Summons a controllable ball of fire召唤可控的火光球
  • Melee attacks inflict enemies with cursed flames近战攻击会对敌人施放诅咒焰
  • Melee attacks set enemies on fire近战攻击会点燃敌人
  • Melee attacks make enemies drop more gold近战攻击会使敌人掉落更多金子
  • Melee attacks decrease enemies defense近战攻击会降低敌人防御力
  • Melee attacks confuse enemies近战攻击会迷惑敌人
  • Melee attacks cause confetti to appear近战攻击会喷撒彩纸
  • Melee attacks poison enemies近战攻击会使敌人中毒
  • Melee attacks inflict Venom on enemies近战攻击会对敌人施放毒液
  • Enemies are more likely to target you敌人更有可能瞄准你
  • Grants the ability to swim可游泳
  • Lets you move swiftly in liquids让你在液体中迅速移动
  • Flowers grow on the grass you walk on你走过的草地上会生长花朵
  • Throws balls of fire投掷火光球
  • Shoots a ball of frost射出寒霜球
  • Shoots razor sharp flower petals at nearby enemies朝附近的敌人射出锋利的花瓣
  • The wearer can run super fast穿戴者可飞速奔跑
  • Allows the owner to float for a few seconds可让持有者漂浮几秒钟
  • Throws a controllable flying knife投掷可控的飞刀
  • 20% increased throwing velocity投掷射速提高20%
  • 15% increased throwing critical strike chance投掷暴击率增加15%
  • 20% increased throwing damage投掷伤害增加20%
  • 'The power of a galaxy resides within this fragment'“银河之力存在于此碎片内”
  • 'The fury of the universe lies within this fragment'“宇宙之怒存在于此碎片内”
  • 'Entrancing particles revolve around this fragment'“令人神魂颠倒的粒子围绕此碎片旋转”
  • 'Swirling energies emanate from this fragment'“旋涡能量源于此碎片”
  • Increases jump speed and allows auto-jump
    Increases fall resistance
  • Shoots an icy bolt射出冰雪矢
  • 11% increased melee and ranged critical strike chance近战和远程暴击率各增加11%
  • 16% increased melee and ranged damage近战和远程伤害各增加16%
  • 8% increased movement speed
    7% increased melee attack speed
  • Allows flight, super fast running, and extra mobility on ice
    7% increased movement speed
  • Shoots a stream of frost射出寒霜流
  • Unlocks a Frozen Chest in the dungeon打开地牢中的冰冻箱
  • Used for crafting a Frozen Key用于制作冰冻钥匙
  • Puts a shell around the owner when below 50% life that reduces damage生命值低于50%时在所有者周围放置可减少伤害的外壳
  • Used for smelting ore用于熔炼矿石
  • Summons a rideable Bunny mount召唤可骑乘的兔兔坐骑
  • 50% chance to not consume ammo
    Highly inaccurate
  • 'Both tasty and flammable'“既好吃,又易燃”
  • <right> to place or remove Large Ambers<right>可放置或移除大琥珀
  • <right> to place or remove Large Amethysts<right>可放置或移除大紫晶
  • <right> to place or remove Large Diamonds<right>可放置或移除大钻石
  • <right> to place or remove Large Emeralds<right>可放置或移除大翡翠
  • <right> to place or remove Large Rubies<right>可放置或移除大红玉
  • <right> to place or remove Large Sapphires<right>可放置或移除大蓝玉
  • <right> to place or remove Large Topazes<right>可放置或移除大黄玉
  • 5% increased damage and critical strike chance
    10% increased melee and movement speed
  • Breathe water instead of air可在水中而非空气中呼吸
  • Summons a Goblin Army召唤哥布林军队
  • Displays movement speed, damage per second, and valuable ore显示移动速度、每秒伤害和贵重矿石
  • Enemies killed will drop more money杀死的敌人会掉落更多的钱
  • Quite shiny. This will probably sell well.亮闪闪。这大概会很畅销。
  • Opens one Gold or Dungeon Chest打开一个金箱或地牢箱
  • Sprays a shower of ichor
    Decreases target's defense
  • 'It's smiling, might be a good snack'“它笑眯眯的,应该是个不错的零食”
  • Increases coin pickup range扩大钱币拾取范围
  • Punches with the force of a golem以石巨人之力出拳
  • Shows position
    Tells the time
  • 'Get over here!'“给我过来!”
  • Allows the control of gravity可控制重力
  • Allows the holder to reverse gravity
    Press UP to change gravity
  • Increases coin pickup range and shops have lower prices
    Hitting enemies will sometimes drop extra coins
  • Used to make Green Dye用于制作绿染料
  • Activates when stepped on踩上时激活
  • Used by the Clentaminator
    Spreads the Purity
  • Places green wire放置绿电线
  • A small explosion that will not destroy tiles不会摧毁图格的小炸弹
  • 'You are a terrible person.'“你是个可怕的人。”
  • 6% increased magic damage and critical strike chance
    Reduces mana usage by 10%
  • 7% increased damage
    8% increased movement speed
  • Increases maximum mana by 100
    12% increased magic damage and critical strike chance
  • 15% increased ranged damage
    8% increased ranged critical strike chance
  • Unlocks a Hallowed Chest in the dungeon打开地牢中的神圣箱
  • Used for crafting a Hallowed Key用于制作神圣钥匙
  • 10% increased melee damage and critical strike chance
    10% increased melee haste
  • 7% increased critical strike chance暴击率增加7%
  • Strong enough to destroy Demon Altars强大到足以摧毁恶魔祭坛
  • Provides immunity to chill and freezing effects对寒冷和冰冻效果免疫
  • Summons a rideable Turtle mount召唤可骑乘的海龟坐骑
  • Increases pickup range for life hearts扩大生命之心的拾取范围
  • Shoots a piercing ray of heat
  • Used for advanced crafting用于高级制作
  • 'Hot to the touch'“摸起来烫手”
  • Wooden arrows turn into flaming bats木箭变成烈焰蝙蝠
  • Increases the damage of your minions by 15%
    Increases the knockback of your minions
  • Fishing line will never break钓鱼线永远都不会断
  • Increases the strength of friendly bees增加友好蜜蜂的力量
  • Places Hives放置蜂巢
  • Summons falling stars on impact碰撞时召唤陨星
  • Spreads the Hallow to some blocks使多个块蔓延神圣之地
  • Increases jump height
    Releases bees when damaged
  • Releases bees when damaged受伤时释放蜜蜂
  • Summons a rideable Bee mount召唤可骑乘的蜜蜂坐骑
  • Sometimes dropped by Skeletons and Piranha有时会从骷髅和食人鱼身上掉落
  • Summons a hornet to fight for you召唤黄蜂来为你战斗
  • Shows the location of enemies显示敌人位置
  • Increases your max number of sentries
    10% increased minion damage and ranged critical strike chance
  • 25% increased minion damage and 20% increased movement speed仆从伤害增加25%,移动速度提高20%
  • 25% increased minion & ranged damage仆从和远程伤害增加25%
  • Increase your max number of sentries
    Increases minion damage by 10%
  • 20% increased minion and ranged damage仆从和远程伤害各增加20%
  • Increases your max number of sentries and increases ranged critical strike chance by 10%提高哨兵数量上限,远程暴击率提高10%
  • Shoots frost arrows射出寒霜箭
  • Gaze in the mirror to return home盯着镜子便可回家
  • Summons a block of ice召唤一块冰
  • Shoots an icy sickle射出冰雪镰刀
  • Provides extra mobility on ice
    Ice will not break when you fall on it
  • 'The blood of gods'“众神之血”
  • Decreases target's defense降低目标的防御力
  • 'Banned in most places'“在大多数地方禁用”
  • Used to craft weapon imbuement flasks用于制作武器灌注瓶
  • Summons an imp to fight for you召唤小鬼来为你战斗
  • Launches a ball of fire that explodes into a raging inferno发射爆炸成熊熊狱火的火光球
  • Ignites nearby enemies点燃附近的敌人
  • Sends water to outlet pumps从出水泵出水
  • Grants invisibility可隐身
  • Used to craft items from metal bars用于制作以金属锭为原料的物品
  • Increase defense by 8防御力增加8点
  • Grants the ability to swim and greatly extends underwater breathing
    Provides light under water
  • Provides light under water在水下提供照明
  • Unlocks a Jungle Chest in the dungeon打开地牢中的丛林箱
  • Used for crafting a Jungle Key用于制作丛林钥匙
  • 'It's pretty, oh so pretty'“美,太美了”
  • Used for brewing ale用于酿造麦芽酒
  • Shoots a boxing glove射出拳击手套
  • Explodes when stepped on踩上时爆炸
  • For Capture the Gem. It drops when you die适合夺取宝石。你死后掉落
  • Creates measurement lines on screen for block placement在屏幕上创建用于放置块的测量线
  • 'Fire a lifeform disintegration rainbow'“发射分束生命彩虹”
  • Provides 7 seconds of immunity to lava7秒内对熔岩免疫
  • Provides the ability to walk on water and lava
    Grants immunity to fire blocks and 7 seconds of immunity to lava
  • Rapidly shoots razor sharp leaves迅速射出锋利的树叶
  • Places leaves放置树叶
  • To me it look like a leprechaun to me对我来说,它让我看起来就像个矮妖
  • I want the gold. I want the gold. I want the gold. Gimme the gold!我要金子。我要金子。我要金子。给我金子!
  • I just wanna know where the gold at!我只想知道金子在哪儿!
  • Permanently increases maximum life by 20最大生命值永久增加20
  • Increases max life by 20%最大生命值增加20%
  • Displays the name of rare creatures around you显示你周围稀有生物的名称
  • Permanently increases maximum life by 5最大生命值永久增加5
  • Stacks up to 5最多堆叠5个
  • 'Charged with the essence of many souls'“汇聚了大量灵魂的精华”
  • Allows flight
    The wearer can run incredibly fast
  • 'Sometimes carried by creatures in light deserts'“光明沙漠中的生物有时会携带”
  • Used at the Lihzahrd Altar在丛林蜥蜴祭坛使用
  • Used for basic crafting用于基础制作
  • Used to make Lime Dye用于制作橙绿染料
  • Places rich mahogany leaves放置红木树叶
  • Places living rich mahogany放置生命红木
  • Places living wood放置生命木
  • Summons a Pet Lizard召唤宠物蜥蜴
  • Activates when all lamps are on, Deactivates otherwise所有灯亮时激活,其他情况下停用
  • Activates when not all lamps are on, Deactivates otherwise部分灯亮时激活,其他情况下停用
  • Judges logic gate lamps above it
    Activates when no lamp is on, Deactivates otherwise
  • Judges logic gate lamps above it
    Activates when the total 'on' lamps is not one, Deactivates otherwise
    Also often called NXOR
  • Judges logic gate lamps above it
    Activates when any lamp is on, Deactivates otherwise
  • Judges logic gate lamps above it
    Activates when only one lamp is on, Deactivates otherwise
  • Place this on logic gate lamps to randomize the activation将此物放置在逻辑门灯上,可随机激活
  • Place this on logic gates to add checks将此物放置在逻辑门上,以添加检测方法
  • Activates whenever players are over it, deactivates otherwise当玩家越过时激活,其他情况下停用
  • Activates whenever occupied by honey, deactivates otherwise上面有蜂蜜时激活,其他情况下停用
  • Activates whenever occupied by lava, deactivates otherwise上面有熔岩时激活,其他情况下停用
  • Activates whenever occupied by liquid, deactivates otherwise上面有液体时激活,其他情况下停用
  • Activates once night starts夜幕降临时激活
  • Activates once day starts黎明破晓时激活
  • Activates whenever occupied by water, deactivates otherwise上面有水时激活,其他情况下停用
  • Used for crafting cloth用于制作衣服
  • Throw this to make someone fall in love投掷此物可让人坠入爱河
  • Hitting enemies will sometimes drop extra coins击中敌人有时会掉落额外的钱币
  • Negates fall damage使掉落伤害无效
  • 'It vibrates with luminous celestial energy'“它汇聚了闪耀的天界能量”
  • Used to craft items from Lunar Fragments and Luminite用来通过月亮碎片和夜明矿制作物品
  • Rains down lunar flares降落月耀球
  • 'You want the moon? Just grapple it and pull it down!'“想要得到月亮?抓住它然后拉下来!”
  • 'A pebble of the heavens'“天堂卵石”
  • Summons a pet squashling召唤宠物南瓜娃娃
  • Increases maximum mana by 20
    Restores mana when damaged
  • A magical returning dagger有魔力的回旋匕首
  • 7% increased magic damage and critical strike chance魔法伤害和暴击率各增加7%
  • Summons a magic lantern that exposes nearby treasure召唤用来显露附近宝藏的魔法灯笼
  • Casts a controllable missile投掷一枚可控的导弹
  • 20% increased magic damage魔法伤害增加20%
  • Increases damage by 10% and greatly increases arrow speed
    20% chance to not consume arrows
  • Inflicts fire damage on attack攻击时造成燃火伤害
  • Permanently increases maximum mana by 20最大魔力值永久增加20
  • 8% reduced mana usage
    Automatically use mana potions when needed
  • Increases maximum mana by 20
    Increases mana regeneration rate
  • Increased mana regeneration增加魔力再生
  • Put it on a stick and roast over a campfire放在棍子上,放到篝火上烤
  • Roast it over a campfire!放在篝火上烤!
  • Allows the ability to climb walls and dash
    Gives a chance to dodge attacks
  • Summons The Twins召唤双子魔眼
  • Increases melee knockback
    12% increased damage and melee speed
  • Grants improved wire vision允许扩大电线视野
  • Summons Skeletron Prime召唤机械骷髅王
  • Summons Destroyer召唤毁灭者
  • Immunity to Poison and Bleeding对毒药和流血免疫
  • Immunity to Silence对寂静免疫
  • 50% chance to not consume ammo
    'Minishark's older brother'
  • Displays the most valuable ore around you显示你周围最贵重的矿石
  • 7% increased magic damage魔法伤害增加7%
  • 'Warm to the touch'“摸起来很温暖”
  • Showers meteors降落流星雨
  • Let's ride the rails让我们乘矿车吧
  • Hammer end piece to change bumper style
    Hammer intersections to change direction
  • Provides light when worn穿戴时可提供照明
  • Increases mining speed by 25%采矿速度提高25%
  • 33% chance to not consume ammo
    'Half shark, half gun, completely awesome.'
  • A small explosion that puts enemies on fire
    Lights nearby area on fire for a while
  • Lights wooden arrows ablaze点燃闪耀的木箭
  • Summons a flying piggy bank to store your items召唤飞猪存钱罐,储存你的物品
  • Increases your max number of sentries and increases 20% melee & minion damage提高哨兵数量上限,近战和仆从伤害增加20%
  • 20% increased minion damage, movement speed and melee critical strike chance仆从伤害、移动速度和近战暴击率各增加20%
  • 20% increased minion damage and melee speed仆从伤害和近战速度各增加20%
  • Increases your max number of sentries and increases melee attack speed by 20%提高哨兵数量上限,近战攻击速度提高20%
  • 10% increased minion damage,
    10% increased critical strike chance and 20% increased movement speed
  • 20% increased minion and melee damage仆从和近战伤害各增加20%
  • Charges power as it is swung to smash enemies可在挥动以粉碎敌人时补充能量
  • Summons ghosts as it hits enemies可在击打敌人时召唤鬼魂
  • <right> while holding for an alternate attack!<Right>握持时则可交替展开攻击!
  • Turns the holder into a werewolf at night在晚上将持有者变成狼人
  • 'Shooting them down at the speed of sound!'“以音速射下它们!”
  • 'Line 'em up and knock 'em down...'“鬼怪排成行,一发百中...”
  • Summons a lunar portal to shoot lasers at your enemies召唤月亮传送门,向敌人发射激光
  • Turns the holder into a werewolf at night and a merfolk when entering water在晚上将持有者变成狼人,入水时将持有者变成人鱼
  • Increases all stats if worn during the night夜晚穿戴可提升所有属性
  • <right> while holding to edit wire settings<right>时按住不放可编辑电线设置
  • Has a chance to record songs有机会录制歌曲
  • Used to craft items from mythril, orichalcum, adamantite, and titanium bars用于制作以秘银、山铜、精金和钛金锭为原料的物品
  • 5% increased damage伤害增加5%
  • Can mine Adamantite and Titanium可开采精金和钛金
  • 12% increased ranged damage
    7% increased ranged critical strike chance
  • 5% increased melee critical strike chance
    10% increased melee damage
  • Increases maximum mana by 60
    15% increased magic damage
  • Causes confusion造成混乱
  • 6% reduced mana usage魔力消耗减少6%
  • Summons the Frost Moon召唤霜月
  • Immunity to Curse对诅咒免疫
  • 'Conjure masses of astral energy to chase down your foes'“召唤大量星际能量,用来追杀敌人”
  • 'From Orion's belt to the palm of your hand'“从猎户腰带到你的手掌”
  • 9% increased magic damage and critical strike chance魔法伤害和暴击率各增加9%
  • Increases maximum mana by 60 and reduces mana usage by 15%
    7% increased magic damage and critical strike chance
  • 10% increased magic damage
    10% increased movement speed
  • 'Wield a small amount of power from the Nebula Tower'“施展来自星云塔的少量魔力”
  • Increases your max number of minions
    Increases minion damage by 10%
  • Summons a Baby Hornet召唤黄蜂宝宝
  • 'Its colorful scales could sell well.'“它的鳞片五光十色,可能很好卖。”
  • Transforms the holder into merfolk when entering water入水时将持有者变成人鱼
  • Summons a thorn spear召唤刺矛
  • Increases night vision提升夜视力
  • Improves vision扩大视野
  • Summons a cloud to rain down on your foes召唤云来让敌人淋雨
  • 15% increased throwing velocity投掷射速提高15%
  • 10% increased throwing critical strike chance投掷暴击率增加10%
  • 15% increased throwing damage投掷伤害增加15%
  • Shoots an icy spear that rains snowflakes射出下雪花的冰矛
  • Negates fall damage
    Grants immunity to fire blocks
  • Reduces damage from touching lava减少因触碰熔岩而受到的伤害
  • Grants immunity to knockback
    Grants immunity to fire blocks
  • Provides immunity to lava对熔岩免疫
  • Grants immunity to fire blocks对火块免疫
  • Provides the ability to walk on water
    Grants immunity to fire blocks
  • Summons twins to fight for you召唤双子魔眼来为你战斗
  • Used to make Orange Dye用于制作橙染料
  • 6% increased critical strike chance暴击率增加6%
  • 18% increased magic critical strike chance
    Increases maximum mana by 80
  • 15% increased ranged critical strike chance
    8% increased movement speed
  • 11% increased movement speed移动速度提高11%
  • 7% increased melee damage
    7% increased movement and melee speed
  • Receives water from inlet pumps从入水泵进水
  • Used with paint to color blocks与漆结合使用,给块涂色
  • Used with paint to color walls与漆结合使用,给墙壁涂色
  • Used to remove paint用于除漆
  • Automatically paints placed objects自动喷涂放置好的物品
  • A powerful returning hammer威力强大的回旋锤
  • Absorbs 25% of damage done to players on your team
    Only active above 25% life
  • 3% increased damage
    2% increased critical strike chance
  • 7% increased magic damage and critical strike chance
    Increases maximum mana by 60
  • 9% increased ranged damage
    9% increased ranged critical strike chance
  • 2% increased damage
    1% increased critical strike chance
  • 8% increased melee damage
    12% increased melee speed
  • Increases movement speed after being struck被击中后提高移动速度
  • Increases your max number of minions
    Increases the damage and knockback of your minions
  • Summons a Pet Parrot召唤宠物鹦鹉
  • Explodes into confetti on impact碰撞时爆炸成彩纸
  • 'Tied down for everyone's pleasure'“系起来让大家都开心”
  • 'Balloons shall rain from the sky'“气球将从天而降”
  • Wonder what's inside?想知道里面有什么?
  • Displays everything显示所有信息
  • Makes surrounding creatures less hostile减少周围生物的敌意
  • Become the Pedguin
    'Great for impersonating streamers!'
  • 66% chance to not consume ammo66%的几率不消耗弹药
  • Reduces the cooldown of healing potions缩短治疗药水的冷却时间
  • 'Not to be confused with a hamdrill'“不要与锤钻混淆”
  • Capable of mining Lihzahrd Bricks可开采丛林蜥蜴砖
  • Beat the shindig out of it!
    May contain a suprise!
  • 'Bouncy and sweet!'“弹弹的,多可爱!”
  • Used to make Pink Dye用于制作粉染料
  • Very bouncy非常有弹性
  • Latches on to enemies for continuous damage缠住敌人以造成连续伤害
  • Summons a pirate invasion召唤海盗入侵
  • Summons pirates to fight for you召唤海盗来为你战斗
  • Separates wire paths
    Lights off from horizontal signals
    Lights on from crossed signals
  • Immunity to petrification对石化术免疫
  • Inflicts poison on enemies对敌人施毒
  • Shoots a poison fang that pierces multiple enemies射出刺穿多个敌人的毒牙
  • Increases wall placement speed提高砌墙速度
  • Increases melee knockback
    12% increased melee speed
  • Not for use on slopes不可用于斜坡
  • Activates when a projectile touches it射弹触碰到它时激活
  • Allows you to go into stealth mode允许你进入隐身模式
  • Shoots a charged arrow射出带电的箭
  • Summons the Pumpkin Moon召唤南瓜月
  • Cleanses the evil净化邪恶
  • Used to make Purple Dye用于制作紫染料
  • Used by the Clentaminator
    Spreads the Corruption
  • Enemies are less likely to target you
    5% increased damage and critical strike chance
  • Summons a Pygmy to fight for you召唤矮人来为你战斗
  • Summons a spider queen to spit eggs at your enemies召唤蜘蛛女王,以朝敌人吐蜘蛛蛋
  • Detects enemies around you探测你周围的敌人
  • Increases critical chance by 10%暴击率增加10%
  • Summons a radiant crystal that banishes your enemies
    'The colors, Duke, the colors!'
  • Shoots a rainbow that does continuous damage射出造成连续伤害的彩虹
  • Casts a controllable rainbow投射可控的彩虹
  • 15% increased ranged damage远程伤害增加15%
  • Summons a raven to fight for you召唤乌鸦来为你战斗
  • Casts fast moving razorwheels投射出快速移动的剃刀轮
  • Shoots razor sharp pine needles射出锋利的松针
  • Teleports you home将你传送回家
  • It smells funny...闻起来怪怪的...
  • Used to make Red Dye用于制作红染料
  • Only for those who are worthy仅献给配得上的人
  • 'Don't shoot your eye out!'“别把自己的眼球射出来了!”
  • Used by the Clentaminator
    Spreads the Crimson
  • Provides life regeneration提供生命再生
  • Summons a rideable reindeer召唤可骑乘的驯鹿
  • Displays number of monsters, kill count, and rare creatures显示怪物数量、杀敌数和稀有生物
  • Reduced potion cooldown缩短药水冷却时间
  • Increases view range for guns
    <right> to zoom out
  • Allows flight可飞行
  • Small blast radius. Will not destroy tiles爆破半径小。不会破坏图格
  • Small blast radius. Will destroy tiles爆破半径小。会破坏图格
  • Large blast radius. Will not destroy tiles爆破半径大。不会破坏图格
  • Large blast radius. Will destroy tiles爆破半径大。会破坏图格
  • Teleports you to the position of the mouse将你传送至鼠标的位置
  • Throw to create a climbable line of rope抛出以形成可攀爬的绳索
  • 'Looks tasty!'“看上去很好吃!”
  • Best used for pranking townsfolk最适合用于戏弄乡亲
  • Slimes become friendly史莱姆变得友好了
  • Increases maximum mana by 60
    Reduces mana usage by 13%
  • Falling sand you can safely watch你可以安全观看的落沙
  • 'This is a good idea!'“这主意不错!”
  • Allows the holder to do an improved double jump可让持有者更好地二连跳
  • Increases maximum mana by 40
    Reduces mana usage by 9%
  • Used for advanced wood crafting用于高级木材工艺
  • Summons a rideable Pigron mount召唤可骑乘的猪龙坐骑
  • A powerful javelin that unleashes tiny eaters能释放小吞噬怪的强大标枪
  • 50% chance to not consume ammo
    'It came from the edge of space'
  • Summons a pet turtle召唤宠物海龟
  • For use with Blowpipe搭配吹管使用
  • Summons a Pet Sapling召唤宠物树苗
  • Displays the phase of the moon显示月相
  • Creates a shadow beam that bounces off walls产生会从墙上弹回的暗影光束
  • Shoots Shadowflame Arrows射出暗影焰箭
  • Summons Shadowflame tentacles to strike your foe召唤暗影焰触手来攻击敌人
  • Inflicts Shadowflame on hit击中后产生暗影焰
  • Opens all Shadow Chests打开所有暗影箱
  • Creates a magical shadow orb制作魔法暗影珠
  • Increases jump height
    Allows the holder to double jump
  • Increases armor penetration by 5增加5点盔甲穿透力
  • Increases armor penetration for melee weapons增加近战武器的盔甲穿透力
  • Emits an aura of light发出光环
  • Greatly increases life regen when not moving不移动时,大大提高生命再生速度
  • Allows the ability to slide down walls
    Improved ability if combined with Climbing Claws
  • Attracts a legendary creature which flourishes in water & combat吸引一种在水中或战斗中十分活跃的传奇生物
  • 13% increased ranged critical strike chance
    20% chance to not consume ammo
  • 15% increased arrow damage
    5% increased ranged critical strike chance
  • 15% increased rocket damage
    5% increased ranged critical strike chance
  • 7% increased ranged critical strike chance
    12% increased movement speed
  • 15% increased bullet damage
    5% increased ranged critical strike chance
  • Allows the collection of hay from grass可从草地收集干草
  • 'Smells like mint and glee'“闻起来像薄荷,象征着欢乐”
  • It never stops celebrating!它永远不会停止庆祝!
  • 'Smells like bubblegum and happiness'“闻起来像泡泡糖,象征着幸福”
  • 'Smells like lavender and enthusiasm'“闻起来像薰衣草,象征着热情”
  • Oddly durable enough to climb!异常耐用,足以用来攀登!
  • Used to make Sky Blue Dye用于制作天蓝染料
  • Stuff your face. Stuff someone else's face. Whatever.你大快朵颐。其他人大快朵颐。管它呢。
  • Summons King Slime召唤史莱姆王
  • Squirts a harmless stream of slime喷射一群无害的史莱姆
  • Summons a baby slime to fight for you召唤史莱姆宝宝来为你战斗
  • Summons a rideable Slime mount召唤可骑乘的史莱姆坐骑
  • Shoots a powerful, high velocity bullet
    <right> to zoom out
  • Increases view range for guns (<right> to zoom out)
    10% increased ranged damage and critical strike chance
  • Rapidly launches snowballs迅速发射雪球
  • It gets pretty cold up there上面好冷
  • A lot cooler than a snow globe比雪球冷多了
  • Summons the Frost Legion召唤雪人军团
  • Launches homing missiles发射自动寻的导弹
  • 'Strike with the fury of the sun'“利用太阳之怒暴击”
  • 22% increased melee damage
    Enemies are more likely to target you
  • 17% increased melee critical strike chance
    Enemies are more likely to target you
  • 15% increased movement and melee speed
    Enemies are more likely to target you
  • 'Wield a small amount of power from the Solar Tower'“施展来自日耀塔的少量魔力”
  • Summons the Eclipse召唤日食
  • Detects hooked fish查明上钩的鱼
  • 15% increased magic damage魔法伤害增加15%
  • Drains life from enemies吸掉敌人的生命
  • 'The essence of powerful flying creatures'“强大飞行生物的精华”
  • 'The essence of pure terror'“纯粹恐惧的精华”
  • 'The essence of light creatures'“光明生物的精华”
  • 'The essence of the destroyer'“毁灭者的精华”
  • 'The essence of dark creatures'“黑暗生物的精华”
  • 'The essence of omniscient watchers'“全知看守人的精华”
  • Allows flight
    The wearer can run super fast
  • 40% decreased magic damage魔法伤害减少40%
  • Increases maximum mana by 60 and reduces mana usage by 13%
    5% increased magic damage and critical strike chance
  • 8% increased magic damage
    8% increased movement speed
  • Summons a lost soul to chase your foes召唤亡魂来追杀敌人
  • Can be enchanted可附魔
  • Exposes nearby treasure显露附近的宝藏
  • Shows the location of treasure and ore显示宝藏和矿石的位置
  • Increases your max number of minions
    Increases minion damage by 6%
  • Summons a pet spider召唤宠物蜘蛛
  • Summons spiders to fight for you召唤蜘蛛来为你战斗
  • Increases your max number of minions
    Increases minion damage by 11%
  • Summons spores over time that will damage enemies随着时间推移召唤可以伤害敌人的孢子
  • Increases your max number of sentries and grants you 10% minion damage提高哨兵数量上限,为你带来10%的仆从伤害
  • 20% increased minion damage, critical strike chance and 30% movement speed仆从伤害、暴击率各增加20%,移动速度提高30%
  • 30% increased minion damage and massively increased life regeneration仆从伤害增加30%,生命再生速度大幅提高
  • Increases your max number of sentries and increases your life regeneration提高哨兵数量上限,提高生命再生速度
  • 15% increased minion damage, 20% increased melee critical strike chance and movement speed仆从伤害增加15%,近战暴击率和移动速度各提高20%
  • 15% increased minion and melee damage仆从和近战伤害各增加15%
  • Summons a powerful boulder召唤强大的巨石
  • Creates grass and moss on dirt and stone
    Increases alchemy plant collection when used to gather
  • Summons a powerful frost hydra to spit ice at your enemies召唤强大的寒霜九头蛇,以朝敌人吐冰雪
  • Shoots fallen stars射出坠落之星
  • Causes stars to fall when injured受伤时会使星星坠落
  • Increases your max number of minions
    Increases minion damage by 22%
  • Summons a stardust cell to fight for you
    'Cultivate the most beautiful cellular infection'
  • Summons a stardust dragon to fight for you
    'Who needs a horde of minions when you have a giant dragon?'
  • 'Wield a small amount of power from the Stardust Tower'“施展来自星尘塔的少量魔力”
  • Causes stars to rain from the sky
    'Forged with the fury of heaven'
  • Causes stars to fall and increases length of invincibility after taking damage受伤后会使星星坠落并延长无敌状态时间
  • Allows flight and slowfall可飞行和缓慢坠落
  • 'Tossing may be difficult.'“投出去可不是件易事。”
  • A small explosion that will not destroy tiles
    'Tossing may be difficult.'
  • Throw this to make someone smell terrible投掷此物可让人闻起来恶心
  • Displays how fast the player is moving显示玩家移动的速度
  • 'It looks and smells terrible'“它看起来、闻起来都很可怕”
  • Summons a Baby Truffle召唤松露人宝宝
  • Can be traded for rare dyes可用于交换稀有染料
  • Shoots an explosive bolt射出爆炸矢
  • Explodes into deadly shrapnel爆炸成致命的弹片
  • 15% increased summon damage召唤伤害增加15%
  • Allows time to fast forward one day per week允许时间每周快进一天
  • 'Makes you look cool!'“让你看起来酷酷的!”
  • Increases all stats if worn during the day白天穿戴可提升所有属性
  • Capable of soaking up an endless amount of water能够吸收无限多的水
  • Summons the Eye of Cthulhu召唤克苏鲁之眼
  • Calls upon a suspicious looking eye to provide light
    'I know what you're thinking....'
  • Releases bees and increases movement speed when damaged受伤时释放蜜蜂并提高移动速度
  • 25% increased movement speed移动速度提高25%
  • Allows the ability to dash
    Double tap a direction
  • Decreases chance of bait consumption减少鱼饵消耗率
  • Displays how many monsters have been killed显示被杀的怪物数量
  • Summons a mini minotaur召唤迷你牛头怪
  • Used to make Teal Dye用于制作青绿染料
  • Teleports you to a random location将你传送至随机位置
  • Summons sharknados to fight for you召唤鲨鱼旋风来为你战斗
  • Opens the jungle temple door打开丛林神庙门
  • 'Mawwiage...'“妢礼...”
  • 'Wuv... twue wuv...'“耐...真耐...”
  • Summons Pumpkin heads to attack your enemies召唤南瓜头来攻击敌人
  • Immunity to Slow and Confusion对减缓和混乱免疫
  • Attackers also take damage攻击者也会受伤
  • Allows the ability to climb walls可爬墙
  • Summons a Tiki Spirit召唤提基幽魂
  • Activates every second每1秒激活
  • Activates every 3 seconds每3秒激活
  • Activates every 5 seconds每5秒激活
  • Allows the combining of some accessories可合成一些配饰
  • Increases melee knockback提高近战击退力
  • 4% increased damage
    3% increased critical strike chance
  • 16% increased magic damage and 7% increased magic critical strike chance
    Increases maximum mana by 100
  • 16% increased ranged damage
    7% increased ranged critical strike chance
  • 3% increased damage and critical strike chance
    6% increased movement speed
  • 8% increased melee damage and critical strike chance
    8% increased melee speed
  • Increases knockback提高击退力
  • Increases block placement range扩大放置块的范围
  • Increases item placement and tool range by 1物品放置和工具范围增加1
  • Increases maximum mana by 40
    Reduces mana usage by 7%
  • Provides light提供照明
  • Spits toxic bubbles吐出毒泡
  • Summons a baby snowman召唤雪人宝宝
  • Allows you to see nearby danger sources允许你查看附近的危险源
  • Immunity to Confusion对混乱免疫
  • Shoots 5 arrows at a time一次射出5支箭
  • 4% increased melee critical strike chance
    Enemies are more likely to target you
  • 8% increased melee damage and critical strike chance
    Enemies are more likely to target you
  • You will fall slower while holding this持有此物可减缓坠落速度
  • Summons the Devil's trident召唤恶魔三叉戟
  • Spreads the corruption to some blocks使多个块蔓延腐化之地
  • 'Sharp and magical!'“即锋利,又有魔力!”
  • 'Having a wonderful time!'“玩得开心!”
  • Summons a black kitty召唤黑猫
  • Shoots a powerful, high velocity bullet射出威力无穷的高射速子弹
  • Rapidly throw life stealing daggers快速投掷出夺命飞刀
  • Inflicts target with Venom对目标施放毒液
  • Shoots a venom fang that pierces multiple enemies射出刺穿多个敌人的毒液尖牙
  • 'Extremely toxic'“剧毒”
  • Banishes the Hallow驱逐出神圣之地
  • Summons a vile thorn召唤魔刺
  • Throw to create a climbable line of vine rope投掷可形成一道可攀爬的藤蔓绳
  • Used to make Violet Dye用于制作蓝紫染料
  • Immunity to Weakness对软弱免疫
  • 66% chance to not consume ammo
    'The catastrophic mixture of pew pew and boom boom.'
  • 12% increased ranged damage and critical strike chance
    25% chance not to consume ammo
  • 8% increased ranged damage and critical strike chance
    10% increased movement speed
  • 'Wield a small amount of power from the Vortex Tower'“施展来自星旋塔的少量魔力”
  • Shoots a small spark射出小火花
  • Reduces damage from cold sources减少冷系伤害
  • 15% increased melee damage近战伤害增加15%
  • Casts a slow moving bolt of water投出移动缓慢的水矢
  • Holding this may attract unwanted attention持此物可能会引起不必要的注意
  • Squirts a harmless stream of water喷射无害水流
  • Provides the ability to walk on water可让人在水上行走
  • Allows the ability to walk on water可在水上行走
  • <right> to place item on weapon rack<right>可将物品放置在武器架
  • Displays the weather显示天气
  • Activates when a player steps on or off it玩家上去或下来时激活
  • 'May annoy others'“会惹恼别人”
  • Lights up bulbs for each wire color点亮每种电线颜色对应的灯泡
  • Removes wire移除电线
  • Allows ultimate control over wires!
    <right> while holding to edit wire settings
  • Separates wire paths
    It's also hammerable!
  • Summons a Wisp to provide light召唤妖灵来提供照明
  • Summons the Eater of Worlds召唤世界吞噬怪
  • Teleports you to a party member
    Click their head on the fullscreen map
  • Reduces damage taken by 17%所受伤害减少17%
  • Increases damage by 10%伤害增加10%
  • Places red wire放置红电线
  • Summons a UFO to fight for you召唤UFO可让它为你作战
  • Used to make Yellow Dye用于制作黄染料
  • Activates when anything but a player steps on it除玩家以外的任何东西踩上时激活
  • Places yellow wire放置黄电线
  • Gives the user master yoyo skills使主人掌握悠悠球技能
  • Allows the use of two yoyos at once允许同时使用两个悠悠球
  • Summons a pet Zephyr Fish召唤宠物和风鱼


  • The eternia crystal rejects this area and pops away instantly, the Tavernkeep mentioned it should rest in a large flat open area...埃特尼亚水晶排斥此区域并立即弹开,酒馆老板提到应将其放置在宽敞平坦的开阔区域...
  • It doesn't seem to work without an Etheria Crystal nearby...It doesn't seem to work without an Etheria Crystal nearby...
  • The old one's army is approaching!撒旦军队正在逼近!
  • The old one's army has been defeated!撒旦军队已被打败!
  • Wave Complete!进攻波完成!



  • {0} has arrived!{0}已到达!
  • {0} has awoken!{0}已苏醒!
  • {0} have been defeated!{0}已被打败!
  • {0} has been defeated!{0}已被打败!
  • Normally I'd try to teach you all about the Old One's Army, but you should probably ask {Bartender} about that.通常情况下,我会尝试将有关撒旦军队的一切信息都教给你,但你或许应该向{Bartender}询问这些信息。
  • Right Click右键点击
  • Spawn point removed!生成位置已移除!
  • Spawn point set!生成位置已设置!
  • Actuation device off制动设备关
  • Actuation device on制动设备开
  • {0}% bait power{0}%鱼饵力
  • Requires bait to catch fish需要鱼饵才能抓鱼
  • Buy购买
  • Buy ({0})购买({0})
  • Cancel取消
  • Change更改
  • Clear清除
  • {0}'{0}的
  • Disabled已禁用
  • {0} damage per second每秒{0}伤害
  • ({0} mph E) ({0} mph东风)
  • Enabled已启用
  • {0} enemies nearby!附近有{0}个敌人!
  • Expert专家
  • Faded褪色
  • {0} Fishing Power{0}点渔力
  • Warning!警告!
  • {0} ({1}%) Fishing Power{0}({1}%)点渔力
  • Gameplay游戏设置
  • Zoom: {0}% ({1}%)缩放:{0}% ({1}%)
  • Hair Style发型
  • Heat Distortion: {0}热变形:{0}
  • Hidden隐藏
  • Rapid Lighting Off快速照明关闭
  • Rapid Lighting OnRapid Lighting On
  • Mechanical ruler off机械标尺关
  • Mechanical ruler on机械标尺开
  • Misc其他
  • N\/A
  • No enemies nearby附近没有敌人
  • Kill count unavailable杀敌数不可用
  • No rare creatures nearby附近没有稀有生物
  • Normal普通
  • Not Enough Water!水量不够!
  • No treasure nearby附近没有宝藏
  • 1 enemy nearby!附近有1个敌人!
  • {0} detected nearby!在附近发现{0}!
  • Paint sprayer off喷漆器关
  • Paint sprayer on喷漆器开
  • ({0} ft)({0}英尺)
  • {0}% fishing power{0}%渔力
  • High
  • Low
  • Medium
  • Off
  • Quick stack to nearby chests快速堆叠至附近的宝箱上
  • Ruler Off标尺关
  • Ruler On标尺开
  • Settings Menu设置菜单
  • Sort inventory将物品栏分类
  • {0} mph{0} mph
  • Storm Effects: {0}暴风雨影响:{0}
  • UI Scale: {0}% ({1}%)UI比例:{0}% ({1}%)
  • Waves Quality: {0}水波质量:{0}
  • ({0} mph W) ({0} mph西风)
  • Mechanical Display: Forced机械显示:始终显示
  • Mechanical Display: Normal机械显示:正常
  • Zoom缩放
  • Strange Plants奇异植物
  • Open Map打开地图
  • Close Map关闭地图
  • Social装扮
  • Open Folder打开文件夹
  • Take Screenshot截图
  • You must first set a frame你必须先设置边框
  • Only available in windowed mode仅在窗口模式中可用
  • Only available if map is enabled仅在启用地图时可用
  • Camera Mode Disabled相机模式已禁用
  • Highlight New Items Off突出显示新物品关
  • Highlight New Items On突出显示新物品开
  • Teleport to ally传送至盟友
  • Drop Item掉落物品
  • Sort Items排列物品
  • Cold Weather冷天气
  • platinum铂金
  • gold
  • silver
  • copper
  • Place an item here to reforge将物品放到此处重铸
  • Showing recipes that use显示使用以下物品的配方
  • Required objects:所需物品:
  • None
  • Place a material here在此放置物品
  • Loot All强夺全部
  • Trash Can垃圾桶
  • Deposit All存放全部
  • Quick Stack快速堆叠
  • Piggy Bank猪猪存钱罐
  • Safe保险箱
  • Time时间
  • Save & Exit保存并退出
  • Disconnect断开连接
  • You were slain...你被杀死了...
  • This housing is suitable.此房屋很适合。
  • This is not valid housing.这不是有效的房屋。
  • This housing is already occupied.此房屋已被占领。
  • This housing is corrupted.此房屋已腐化。
  • Connection timed out连接超时
  • Receiving tile data正在接收图格数据
  • Save保存
  • Edit编辑
  • Status状态
  • Hotbar unlocked快捷键已解锁
  • Curse诅咒
  • Help帮助
  • Close关闭
  • Heal治疗
  • This housing does not meet the requirements for a此房屋不符合
  • Visible可见
  • Hotbar locked快捷键已锁定
  • Hidden隐藏
  • Rename重命名
  • Settings设置
  • Cancel取消
  • Quest任务
  • Quest Item任务物品
  • Savings存款
  • Take Snapshot拍快照
  • Settings设置
  • Pin Frame固定边框
  • Set Frame设置边框
  • Close关闭
  • On
  • Off
  • Image Packing图像整合
  • Capture Entities捕捉生命体
  • Capture Background捕捉背景
  • Biome Pick生物群落选择
  • Reset Frame重置边框
  • Housing Query房屋查询
  • Housing房屋
  • Camera Mode相机模式
  • Collect收集
  • A goblin army has been defeated!哥布林军队已被打败!
  • A goblin army is approaching from the west!一支哥布林军队正从西边逼近!
  • A horrible chill goes down your spine...不寒而栗,毛骨悚然...
  • Pick world evil选择世界恶魔
  • Corruption腐化
  • Crimson猩红
  • Random随机
  • Cannot be used without Etherian Mana until the Eternia Crystal has been defended在埃特尼亚水晶得到保护之前,无法在没有天国魔力的情况下使用
  • Screams echo around you...四面回荡着尖叫声...
  • Your world has been blessed with Cobalt!你的世界已获赐钴!
  • Your world has been blessed with Mythril!你的世界已获赐秘银!
  • Your world has been blessed with Adamantite!你的世界已获赐精金!
  • The ancient spirits of light and dark have been released.古老的光明与黑暗之魂已经释放。
  • {0} was slain...{0}被杀死了...
  • A goblin army is approaching from the east!一支哥布林军队正从东边逼近!
  • A solar eclipse is happening!正在发生日食!
  • Your world has been blessed with Palladium!你的世界已获赐钯金!
  • Your world has been blessed with Orichalcum!你的世界已获赐山铜!
  • Your world has been blessed with Titanium!你的世界已获赐钛金!
  • The pirates have been defeated!海盗已被打败!
  • Pirates are approaching from the west!海盗正从西边逼近!
  • Pirates are approaching from the east!海盗正从东边逼近!
  • The pirates have arrived!海盗来了!
  • You feel vibrations from deep below...你感受到地下深处的震动...
  • This is going to be a terrible night...这将是一个可怕的夜晚...
  • A goblin army has arrived!哥布林军队来了!
  • The air is getting colder around you...周围的空气越来越冷...
  • The Pumpkin Moon is rising...南瓜月正在升起...
  • The jungle grows restless...丛林变得焦躁不安...
  • Screams are echoing from the dungeon...地牢中回荡着尖叫声...
  • The Frost Moon is rising...霜月正在升起...
  • {0} has departed!{0}已死去!
  • {0} has left!{0}已离开!
  • Any任何
  • Pressure Plate压力板
  • and increased life regeneration 提高了生命再生速度
  • The Frost Legion has been defeated!雪人军团已被打败!
  • Increases life regeneration提高生命再生速度
  • Martians are invading!火星人要入侵了!
  • The martians have been defeated!火星人已被打败!
  • Celestial creatures are invading!天界生物要入侵了!
  • Your mind goes numb...你的头脑变得麻木...
  • You are overwhelmed with pain...你痛苦不堪...
  • Otherworldly voices linger around you...阴森的声音在你耳边萦绕不绝...
  • The Moon Lord has awoken!月亮领主已苏醒!
  • The Twins have awoken!双子魔眼已经醒来!
  • You wake up from a strange dream...你从一个奇怪的梦中醒来...
  • The Frost Legion is approaching from the west!雪人军团正从西边逼近!
  • have been defeated!已被打败!
  • Lunar Fragment月亮碎片
  • Impending doom approaches...月亮末日慢慢逼近...
  • Take One拿走一个
  • Cycle hotbar循环快捷键
  • The Frost Legion is approaching from the east!雪人军团正从东边逼近!
  • Switch menu切换菜单
  • Show room flags显示房间旗帜
  • The Frost Legion has arrived!雪人军团来了!
  • Check housing检查房屋
  • Quick craft快速制作
  • Show visuals显示画面
  • Hide visuals隐藏画面
  • The Blood Moon is rising...血月正在升起...
  • Back返回
  • Favorite收藏
  • You can't change teams inside your team's blocks!你不能在团队块内更改团队!
  • BugBug
  • Wiring Options接线选项
  • You feel an evil presence watching you...你感到有个邪恶的东西在看着你...
  • Buy购买
  • Buy More购买更多
  • Sell出售
  • Craft more制作更多
  • Try Removing尝试移除
  • Looks like 看起来像
  • is throwing a party 在举办派对
  • are throwing a party 在举办派对
  • Party time's over!派对时间结束!
  • Equipped in social slot装备在社交栏
  • No stats will be gained不会获得任何属性
  • defense 防御力
  • % pickaxe power%镐力
  • % axe power%斧力
  • % hammer power%锤力
  • Restores恢复
  • life生命值
  • mana魔力
  • Uses使用
  • Ammo弹药
  • minute duration 分钟持续时间
  • second duration 秒持续时间
  • % damage%伤害
  • % speed%速度
  • % critical strike chance%暴击率
  • % mana cost%魔力花费
  • % size%大小
  • % velocity%射速
  • % knockback%击退力
  • % movement speed%移动速度
  • % melee speed%近战速度
  • Set bonus:套装奖励:
  • Sell price:售价:
  • Buy price:买价:
  • No value无价
  • Consumes 消耗
  • summon damage 召唤伤害
  • range 范围
  • damage 伤害
  • throwing damage 投掷伤害
  • % critical strike chance%暴击率
  • Marked as favorite标记为收藏
  • Quick trash, stacking, and selling will be blocked快速丢弃、堆叠和出售将被阻止
  • It has been cursed by a powerful Jungle creature它已被一个强大的丛林生物诅咒
  • Joining...正在加入...
  • Joining {0}...正在加入{0}...
  • Playing online.在线玩游戏。
  • Joining game.加入游戏。
  • I offered {Bartender} a free trim, but he refused. I mean, I could have at least worked on his mustache!我主动提出免费为{Bartender}修剪头发,但他拒绝了。我的意思是,我本来至少可以为他修剪下胡子!
  • This room is missing a wall这个房间少了一面墙
  • This is a solid block!这是个实心块!
  • This room is too big这个房间太大了
  • This room is too small这个房间太小了
  • We need better text for this!!!我们需要为此提供更好的文本!!!
  • Back返回
  • Eternia Crystal埃特尼亚水晶
  • Cancel取消
  • Copy Seed: {0}复制种子:{0}
  • Delete删除
  • Effects效果
  • ......
  • Enter输入
  • Enter message:输入消息:
  • Enter new name:输入新名称:
  • Enter Seed (Leave Blank For Random)输入种子(随机留空)
  • Expert专家
  • (Far Greater Difficulty & Loot)(更大的难度和战利品)
  • Fortune & Glory, Kid.为财富和荣誉为战,孩子。
  • Favorite收藏
  • Keybindings快捷键绑定
  • Loading:正在加载:
  • more更多
  • Move off cloud移出云
  • Move to cloud移入云
  • New新建
  • Normal普通
  • (The standard Terraria Experience)(标准泰拉瑞亚体验)
  • Your Journey Begins...你的旅程即将开始...
  • Play开始游戏
  • Restore恢复
  • Save保存
  • Seed Copied种子已复制
  • Select Player选择玩家
  • Select World选择世界
  • Space太空
  • Submit提交
  • Unfavorite取消收藏
  • Created: {0}已创建:{0}
  • {0} World{0}世界
  • Large
  • Medium
  • Small
  • Unknown未知